Why was my work rejected?

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

If your work has been rejected it will most likely be due to not following one of the guidelines or rules. Please check that:
1) You have not uploaded more then 1 image in the day.
2) There is a name for your River, Lake or Dam or at least a description of where in the world the image is from.
3) Please make sure the focus of your art is the River, Lake or Dam. NOT a boat on the river or the cityscape etc.

We don’t wish to be harsh but we feel we must stick to the rules for everyone or there is no point in having a group dedicated to a particular subject.

If you have any questions regarding rejected works please post them here and either myself or Marlene will answer them.

Thank you


Ruth Lambert Ruth Lambert 1258 posts

I’m wondering why my work IN THE BLUE…was rejected? I thought it met the guidelines posted for works.

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

Check your B-mail Ruth , I sent you and answer via there.


Pamela Jayne Smith Pamela Jayne S... 1779 posts

Hi Sorry to be a pest but could you just let me know why Reedy Riverside was rejected I am happy to upload another but would be nice to know what is wrong – pretty please :) I have more of other rivers and lakes so not a problem!! Thanks in advance Pam

mazzfarrell mazzfarrell 16 posts

Hi Pamela, your Reedy Riverside is up, so dont know what happend

Jadon Jadon 50 posts

Do Canals not Count??

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

yes they count, they must however have a name or at least soemthing to tell us where they are and be the focus of the picture. There is also a limit of two works a day upload so if you upload more than that your work will be rejected.

if all this is in place and you had two or less images then i am afraid i cannpt think why your work would not have been accepted. Please up load your wrk again so we can see which piece you are talking about Jason.


Jane Best Jane Best 20 posts

Re. “Going Back”. I totally agree with your rejection.The river in this photo was NOT the main focus of the picture. It was only incidental. Thank you for maintaining the quality and caliber of this outstanding group.

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

Thank you Jane, I must admit it is the first time I have been thanked for rejecting a photo!!

Keep up the good work!!

jon  daly jon daly 34 posts

hi selina
was ‘millenium bridge panorama’ rejected due to not enough river?

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

For this group; as stated in the guidelines for the group; the focus for images should be on the River, Lake or dam, not on bridges or cities or wildlife. While we understand that a lot of the time these things and more are a part of our Rivers, Lakes and Dams, the focus should not be on them for this particular group.

While “Millenium Bridge Panorama” is a beautiful image we feel the focus is on the bridge rather than the River itself.
jon  daly jon daly 34 posts

i accept that.
could you not have that explanation as one of your ‘generic answers’. its clear and simple. whereas ‘We think it isn’t in line with one or more of the group guidelines. If you’re able to make changes to your work so it meets these guidelines, we’ll be happy for you to resubmit the work for consideration.” says nothing.

just a thought. great group.

Pamela Jayne Smith Pamela Jayne S... 1779 posts

It is not so easy as that Jon – speaking as a host of 2 groups – we are given a choice of rejections and we have to choose which one we feel is the most accurate to the rejection itself…..

If time is not running out I normally add a footnote on the photo submitted if it doesn’t have the details required for the group….the rejection you have pointed out simply means that you have to check your photo and see why you think it doesn’t fit into the group = this is standard with all groups!

We have many photos coming through and to write on each one that we decide does not fit with the group would be very time consuming for all of us, which I am sure you can appreciate!

Hope this helps a little Jon

bevanimage bevanimage 33 posts

Hi Hosts, I know I’m going to get myself into trouble, but I cannot figure out why my “Boathouse, Lake Daylesford” was rejected. At least half the frame is occupied by the lake, which is very much in the foreground. It is a perfectly respectable lake, and the subject of the picture. At first I thought that maybe the boathouse is a bit too prominent, even though it’s on the far bank. OK, fair enough.

But then I looked not only at your “guidelines”, but at some of the images that have not been rejected. My favourite is the lovely panorama of a white Toyota Camry in a carpark, with a body of water in the background. It is a very nice shot of the car, but the body of water is not the main subject.
On the front page at the moment is a lovely view of a bridge on the Seine, largely obscured by a golden statue in the extreme foreground. Again, a lovely shot as Selina has remarked, but Selina clearly stated earlier that bridges or cities should not be the focus. There are others of ferris wheels, and all sorts of buildings.

I quite understand and appreciate the hard work you hosts do. I’m not asking for my image to be instated, or that you change your decision. Only that, if you have guidelines, you apply them consistently. Thank you for allowing a forum for my “retort”. ;-)

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

why would you think you are in trouble for asking for clafification on something????

unfortunately we are all human and humans all tend to make their own interpretation on things.

YES – I said i wanted the imahes to focus on the rivers lakes and dams – that is what the group is for.

However I also said that I DO understand that there are times when images will have something other than water in it. that is normal and natural after all people build on water.

All i asked was that the focus of the image be on the river lake or dam.

Yes you are also right that there are some questionable images creeping back in again and once again I will play devils advocate and remove them.

I do think however that people do need to understand that everyone will interpret things differently. I have tried as best I can to make it plain what i wanted as far as images went when I started the group. However as I said, we are all human and individuals and even we hosts sometimes interpret things a little differently.

we can only do our best and unfortunately not everyone is always going to be happy.

Nuno Pires Nuno Pires 67 posts


I would like to know why my Frozen River was rejected… i do know that in the thumb it looks like a road but it’s really a river with frozen water… or can’t have frozen water?

Thanks, best regards

Pamela Jayne Smith Pamela Jayne S... 1779 posts

HI nuno
Sorr this has been missed – it might be easier if you start a new thread when asking about rejections at they can easily be missed
Is there anychance you can pop a link in so we can look at the image in question?

Many Thanks

Nuno Pires Nuno Pires 67 posts

Hi Pamela!

Sure i can pop a link, here it is: Frozen River

Thanks, best regards

sstarlightss sstarlightss 1125 posts

Hello Hosts, while I thank you for my today’s featured “Rapsody in blue” that made me feel so glad on your appreciation, I’d like ask to you why my “Colours of water” collage has been rejected : for changing the work definitions, and re-submit , I’d like know, please:
- Do you accept collage, in first?
If YES……
- As a collage, it include many Lakes similar shots : maybe I had to put all the names of the Lakes? Probably this is the reason… you’re right, I didn’t put in, I’ll change
- If I added more than 2 shot, I’m sorry, but it wasn’t intentionally.
Let me know, please, the answer, so I’ll eventually re-submit my collage, if you will accept : colours are so pretty.
Thank you so much for your beautiful work for all of us have fun and enjoy this lovely Group.
Claudia from Italy

sstarlightss sstarlightss 1125 posts

I’ve just added names of lakes, and look forward your reply. Thank you again and sorry if I was wrong.

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

i rmember your collage Claudoa, and it was me who rejected ot because ther was no information on the lake names or where they were as is a requirement. if you have added this information please upload it again and it will be accepted.

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

Nuno, I have answered you query by B-mail

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

before posting a question as to why your work was rejected please read the guidelins and check your image. most rejections are because the r is no name or place or the focus is on something other than the river, lake or dam.

thank you

Nuno Pires Nuno Pires 67 posts

Hi again Selina!

Well, when i sent Frozen River the work was rejected because you said that there wasn’t location in the description but there was… now i sent Frozen River – B&W which is the same photo but in black and white and it got rejected… well the missing location can’t be because i always put the locations of my photos… so i’m wondering what is it now…

Thanks a lot and best regards,

blondiegirl blondiegirl 130 posts

Hi Nuno, i am afraid i have no answer for you, as far as i can see there is no reason for it to be rejected. as i saic to you earlier in a b-mail, i did miss it the foirst time around as the name was not in the usual place we look and i did appologise for missing it, I have not however seen your B/W version so i cannot give you a specific answer. please put it up again and i will do my best to make surte it is accepted but i cannot be here 24/7.