Rising Star

A safe haven for the younger artist

Recent Work

  • The woman in the seaweed by strawberries
  • Mr. Robot by AlexanderNero
  • Deer Life by AlexanderNero
  • Violet hydrangea by Emma   Reznikova
  • Neon Eyes  by cheshie
  • Princess  by cheshie
  • If I wait any longer I might fall by strawberries
  • The Unicorn's Alive by cheshie
  • Jellyfish  by cheshie
  • Tansparent-Unicorns by cheshie
  • Melancholy Wild Child by strawberries
  • "White cat" by Emma   Reznikova

About This Group

This group is for artist 21 years and YOUNGER. It is a group where they can feel safe posting their works with out fear of being over powered with older and more experienced artist’s works.

This group is designed to not only show case the works but to encourage the young artist to show their works!

Here NO ONE will judge anyone else’s works. The younger artist will also be able to meet other young artist… the rising STARS of the art world!

Parents CAN post their child’s art work in this group! you must state the work is your child’s.

NO ONE over 21 please. (with the exception of a parent posting for a younger child)

post your poems, stories, and other writings.
Post your images both digital and traditional
Post any photography as well

See the group rules and join this group here

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