Redbubble pioneers


  • AmandaWitt

    Horsing around by AmandaWitt

    These two horses, who I have named Fred – the white one, and Clive – the brown, live on a property adjoining the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail, around Seville, just past the Carriage Café, which …

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  • Stephen Mitchell

    My Photography is in SALA 2016! by Stephen Mitchell

    Grand opportunity to peruse ten of my photographs during SALA 2016

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  • AmandaWitt

    Five fat snails by AmandaWitt

    Inspired by catching some snails to take to the school where I work, to help feed the science lab’s lizard pair.

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  • AmandaWitt

    Midnight Swan by AmandaWitt

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  • AmandaWitt

    The colours of Australia by AmandaWitt

    White snow on the mountains,
    On the beaches, golden sand.
    Red and brown on rocks,
    In the centre of our land…

    Brilliant blue in the sky,
    Reflected in the sea,
    greeny grassy pastures,
    All for you and

    102 words
  • AmandaWitt

    Dead trees by AmandaWitt

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  • AmandaWitt

    My cat by AmandaWitt

    Cat, asleep on the bed,
    Puts his paw over his head,
    Gives me a really good glare,
    (like I just shouldn’t be there!)…

    Shifts position, emits a sigh,
    Glares at me with half an eye.
    Rests his chin upon h

    99 words
  • AmandaWitt

    The forgotten diary by AmandaWitt

    There once was a diary who felt very special when picked up from the pile in a shop. The person who chose him opened him up, checked to see how many days he had per page, looked at the price, then to…

    782 words
  • AmandaWitt

    Pictures by AmandaWitt

    Someone running a training course said the first line and I thought it appropriate for this site too!

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  • AmandaWitt

    If food could talk by AmandaWitt

    All food has a story; if only it could speak!
    What would be the story, of say, the humble leek?
    Would every food item protest about how it was named?
    (just as well they can’t, for people would be blamed…

    121 words
  • AmandaWitt

    Pineapples by AmandaWitt

    Why is a pineapple a pineapple?
    How did this fruit get its name?
    It’s neither pine, nor apple-like,
    Just who was playing this game?…

    Other languages describe it better,
    l’ananas, ananasso, ananas.
    That’s t

    134 words
  • AmandaWitt

    Debutante girl by AmandaWitt

    In the dance hall, in a corner of the wings,
    Stands a lone woman, who beautifully sings
    Her voice on its own is enough to break glass,
    But she’s from a good social class
    She’s had singing lessons for mor…

    93 words
  • AmandaWitt

    Who needs help? by AmandaWitt

    ‘One day we’ll get out,
    One day we’ll be free
    And the whole world
    We’ll be able to see.’…

    Who uttered these words,
    Is somebody trapped?
    And when they’re released,
    Will people clap?

    Where are they trapped?

    88 words
  • © Karin Taylor

    Takeaway for Tea by © Karin Taylor

    Takeaway for Tea by Karin Taylor
    (Short poem Inspired by something I spied with my eyes)…

    At a beach by The Sandbar
    where The River meets The Sea,
    Near a log through The Fog
    Thicker than The Soup of Pea,

    97 words
  • © Karin Taylor

    Savoir-faire by © Karin Taylor

    written work by Karin Taylor
    Copyright Karin Tayor Nov 2013…

    In all my torment
    the birds still tweet their song
    the cicadas still shed their skins
    the flowers still grow
    the ferns unfurl
    new lif

    514 words
  • © Karin Taylor

    stars, moon, black ink sky by © Karin Taylor

    stars, moon, black ink sky
    © karin tayor 2013…

    stars, moon, black ink sky
    more heavenly, than apple pie

    stars, moon, black ink sky
    reflected in the ocean’s sigh

    stars, moon, black ink sky
    I feel brave, wh

    145 words
  • © Karin Taylor

    always together.... | karin taylor by © Karin Taylor

    Once upon a little time in a moment unknown
    someone was very unkind, causing someone to lose their lustre
    causing someone to lose their pretty glace cherry sundae supershine…

    Once upon a time there was

    251 words
  • AmandaWitt

    Dust by AmandaWitt

    Dust is so insidious,
    It gets in everywhere,
    Layers upon layers of grey,
    But invisible in the air…

    Don’t touch something for awhile,
    Then come back in a year
    You’ll be able to write in the dust,
    “So and so

    126 words