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Rhode Island by Rhode Island Photographers & Artists

Group Rules:

This is a group that is comprised of Rhode Islanders
We are expressing a Rhode Island point of view!!

Works must be of the highest artistic quality only!
Please submit a limited number of works per day.
Please comment on other works in the group when you visit.

The group moderators may decide to decline works that are not of high quality, repetitive, or are not distinctive in our judgment.
For better control of the group, and to encourage new and fresh works,
expect from the outset that some of your works may eventually be culled.
This group should not be considered a permanent bank for your images.

Please add a description with your image that conveys how it is of or about being a part of Rhode Island. All images must be Rhode Island ones.
Prose and poetry are highly desirable expressions with your creative works and help add depth and meaning to your images for many viewers.

We won’t bug you with excessive emails and challenges.
Life has enough challenges and responsibilities and that is understood. However, it is greatly appreciated when you share your work and your love of what is best about the smallest state! Quality is more important than quantity.

Rhode Islanders
1. Born and raised in Rhode Island or,
2. Currently a full time resident living in Rhode Island or
3. Spent most of your life living in Rhode Island, ( if now living elsewhere ).