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The Unknown Artist finial Revealed. Image artist only in this group

Recent Work

  • Tree Face by Ethna Gillespie
  • Mary  by Ray Jackson
  • From Ben's perspective  by Ray Jackson
  • Boatsheds 2 by Werner Padarin
  • Somebody's Bicycle by Ethna Gillespie
  • Age of innocence  by Ray Jackson
  • Droplet in slow fall by Danny Pettinger
  • Adorned  by Ray Jackson
  • Male House sparrow  by Ray Jackson
  • 16 Under the Sun by Ethna Gillespie
  • All and Sundre by Ethna Gillespie
  • Lily by tanyabond

About This Group

SHOWCASE Donnhuntriss

HOST HOT PICK Special Spot-Light Majestic Egret by Kathy Baccari

Revealed is an invite only group.
“Special Reminder Note for Photographers” in this group, please do not post photographs of other people’s art, be it famed or not, and pass it off as your art. To us, it isn’t. It is simple a documented photograph showing another artist’s wonderful work. There is nothing creative about that. If you wish to include another’s art in your art as a part of the photograph you may do so however, it must be used as an element not the main flat boring center. To do otherwise in this group, the piece will be respectfully pulled from this gallery.

We are here to bring to light artists and their works that may otherwise not get recognition or be undiscovered on Redbubble. We are looking for skillful, meaningful, and unique art to high light in this group. So send us your very best.

If you know of an artist who is skillful in his craft that gets very little play, including comments and features, please bring them to our attention. However it will be at our discretion whether they will be admitted to the group or not.

Side note: please do not send bubble mails asking to be admitted to the group yourself.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.