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Hi - and first stupid question...

redph redph 2 posts

firstly Hi, secondly how or where do i load up designs..?

PopCultFanatics PopCultFanatics 153 posts

Click ‘Edit’ and the scroll down, you should see ‘Add this work to your groups’ below your work and description etc. Next to the name of each of your groups, you’ll have a box, which you can tick in order to add your work to that group.

and then save :)and it will be in that group. Some groups the group owner has to add you and it takes time :)

benthos benthos 4 posts

Go to the ‘Edit’ page of the work you want to add (either from MyBubble or clicking the link below the image on the page itself). At the bottom should be a section labelled ‘Add Work to Groups’ click this and a list of groups you’ve joined will drop down. Then just select those you think it is appropriate to add your work to.

Edit: Beaten to it (and I can’t find the delete button).

PopCultFanatics PopCultFanatics 153 posts

lol :)

redph redph 2 posts

thanks both, i’m usually told everything twice at home anyway…!! :)