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FEATURES 09-09-2013

Thomas Barker-Detwiler Thomas Barker-... 1052 posts

Seems to be a long time since featuring flowers. This time they had to have dark to black backgrounds. Please enjoy.

by Doug Norkum

by WildestArt

Three`s a Party
by JohnDSmith

by John Thurgood

Shuttlecock Reflection In A Copper Hairdryer
by Michael May

by DavidsArt

Happiness is Yellow
by baneling

Calla Lily in Garden
by EdsMum

To A Wild Rose
by Victoria Jostes

White Jasmine
by Irene Burdell

Green Leaf
by cclaude

In all its Glory
by Karine Radcliffe

Guendalyn Guendalyn 2331 posts

congratulacion !

Michael May Michael May 754 posts

Thanks Thomas for including me among these fantastic works! Great job and congratulations to all!!!

Karine Radcliffe Karine Radcliffe 1988 posts

Nice work, congratulations everyone!! Thank you Thomas for including my work, much appreciated!

JohnDSmith JohnDSmith 2604 posts

Just a Fabulous collection.
All very pretty.
Pleased to be among them.
Congratulation to all.

Victoria Jostes Victoria Jostes 82 posts

my thanks, thomas, for including my image in this lovely collection! congrats to all the artists.