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Retired and Happy

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FEATURES 07-29-2013

Thomas Barker-Detwiler Thomas Barker-... 1295 posts

Today’s features honor those who seem to be unable to let a good photo be and take it to another level.. They twist it or stretch it, hype the color and create things that are not. Reality is either ignored or enhanced. So here they are. Some are gentle manipulations and others create work deeply removed from the original.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
by Yool

Gasser Vette
by barkeypf

Curiosity and the Unknown
by tori yule

Take Cover!
by Peter Stratton

by Jack Ryan

Supes 16
by George Lenz

by billfox256

Oh My Giddy Aunt…
by Sea-Change

A Walk in the Park
by Elaine Teague

Just Walking In The Rain
by Bootiewootsy

Dragon Tail
by Lesliebc

by Mike Waldron

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Thank you for the honor, Thomas. I love photomanipualtions. Art is so diverse and I love all the genres.
This gallery is beautiful! Excellent selection!
Congratulations to all and thank you for including mine.

Peter Stratton Peter Stratton 268 posts
What a nice variety of talent, Thomas. Nice selection and thanks for including mine. Congratulations, all! :-)
Bootiewootsy Bootiewootsy 752 posts

Thank you for the honor to be amoung these great artists.
Congratulations to everyone.

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1612 posts

Great selection Thomas. Congratulations to all those featured.

barkeypf barkeypf 724 posts

Such a fine group of features Thomas. Congratulations to all.

Elaine Teague Elaine Teague 2404 posts

A lovely surprise to be featured amongst all these gorgeous creations. Thanks so much Thomas. Congratulations to all the other featured artists.

Sea-Change Sea-Change 242 posts

Thanks so much Thomas for choosing my image to feature here. Congratulations to everyone !!