Rescued Pets

This is a group for all domestic rescued animals


  • Rest In Peace - Bunny Foo Foo by Carol Barona
  • Here Comes Peter Cottontail by Carol Barona
  • ANDRE' MY GIANT by May Lattanzio
  • Tinkerbell - (Another) New Addition I've Adopted by Michaela1991
  • In Memory of Scruffy by Terri Chandler
  • Puppy Love by Eva  Crawford
  • Our little helper by Olivia Moore
  • Maggie  by Eva  Crawford
  • Foster Dog Mom (Dark) by offleashart
  • Foster Cat Mom (Dark) by offleashart
  • Maltese Rescue by offleashart
  • Are You My Mum ? by Dennis Melling
  • Our Beautiful Patrick as a Puppy by Dennis Melling
  • A Young Patrick by Dennis Melling
  • Andy in the Shelter by SamTheCowdog
  • One Man and His Dog by Dennis Melling
  • Monkey by ibjennyjenny
  • Kisses for Mommy  by ibjennyjenny