Remodernist Painters' Group - 2/CALENDAR MONTH

Remodernism is an alternative to the established High Art hegemony, known as Post-Modernism.

Paul Gauguin

Carson Collins Carson Collins 639 posts

Here are a couple of works by one of our member artists, Ciprian Chirita, who has clearly been greatly influenced by the Modern artist Paul Gauguin. The artist graciously allowed me to post this because, being Romanian, “shyvo’s” limited command of the English language would have made the task very difficult.

After bathing

The Ancestral Sin

Evie3 Evie3 29 posts

Fantastic images, the colours are exquisite and the subjects so beautifully rendered… love this work! (Huge Gauguin fan)

Ming  Myaskovsky Ming Myaskovsky 162 posts

Imagination and originality that’s the magic of his creation….Stunning!!!! ;) XXOO