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Religious Architecture

Group Rules:

We don’t like a lot of rules so would prefer not to have too many unless it becomes necessary. For now:
- Structures of all religious persuasions accepted
- The building must be the focal point of the photo (not the distant background behind a tree or a person or…)
- Images of statues only without the structure are not architecture.
- Photos of windows only are not architecture; a view of a wall with windows is.
- Interior shots will be accepted, but interior shots should focus on the building itself, rather than artifacts, relics, paintings, etc.
- All types of art accepted as long as the subject is recognizable.
- Please state the city or area that the image is from (as a reference to interested viewers)
- If possible, state the name of the structure.
- No nudity of any kind (shouldn’t be necessary to add this, but….) and people are not to be the focal point of the image, if included at all.
- Mutual respect to all fellow group members.
- Images not meeting above criteria will not be accepted by hosts. If group members post consistently appropriate images we will move to un-moderated status.