PLEASE read the rules and STOP submitting stuff that doesn't meet the criteria!!!

Recent Work

  • The World Around The Corner Cafe by Michael May
  • Butcher Paper Butchered by Michael May
  • Lockhart Texas, Reflection Selfie in Clean Glass by Jack McCabe
  • Church Window by WildestArt
  • Checkerboard Sidewalk by Michael May
  • Multiverse by Ben Loveday
  • Life - Still And Not So by Michael May
  • mirror by Grazyna W.
  • as in a distorting mirror by Grazyna W.
  • Seen And Not Heard by Ben Loveday
  • Target Practise by Ben Loveday
  • Twisted Sister by Ben Loveday

About This Group

This group’s criteria has been tightened up. Past submissions may be deleted from the group to rein in the focus of the group.

This group’s Reflectivity IS NOT:
*Lake reflections, ocean reflections, pond reflections or sunset reflections.
*A person or persons posed in reflective thought.
*Manipulated / photoshopped created reflections.
*An enlightening moment of reflection pertaining to a concept such as the immenseness or granduer of planet earth.
*A photo where the reflection is just an element of the overall picture.
*Glass buildings reflecting other buildings unless really unique.
*The standard sunset and landscape reflection in a lake shot that an be found virtually anywhere.
*Paintings or other artwork, this is a photography group.
There are plenty of other groups for those photos, go post there.

What this Reflectivity IS:
A creative eye capturing a reflection in a unique manner.
Said reflection is THE MAJOR component of the photo, the reflection must be what makes the picture, not just one of multiple elements.
Creative perspectives and reflections out of the ordinary.

This group focuses on unusual reflectivty shots. Photos taken from curious and unique perspectives, where a sharp eye and a creative mind find that special reflection. Standard lake/pond/ocean/building/mirror reflections will NOT be accepted unless truely unique.

Reflections can come from all sorts of sources; mirrors, hubcaps, windows, glass and some you just stumble across. This group features photos and artwork where the reflection is the main component of the image.

If I reject your work don’t take it personally. I routinely see amazing and wonderful works, but if they do not fully meet this groups clearly defined guidelines, it will get bounced.

See the group rules and join this group here

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