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Reflections In Windows - Excellent Level Work

Reflections in Windows of Buildings, Autos, Transport - Established November 2008

Outstanding Features for 2012.05.18 (+1)

Javimage Javimage 99 posts

The ‘Nature’ challenge had a marked effect on the kind of entries last week. It’s very nice to see this change from the ‘ordinary (but often spectacular!)’ windows reflecting views of the city! Some of those are in this week’s selection of features, but please don’t let that interfere with your voting! :)

Congratulations to all featured artists!

Reflections of the surrounding mountains of Innsbruck by Arie Koene
Where Do They All Come From? by Ben Loveday
The forest, reflected by cclaude
Screened View by debidabble
Windmills in the sky by su2anne
Windows by David L. Epstein
Autumn Reflection by Daniel Schenck
The Air That I Breathe. by Ben Loveday
Picture window by su2anne
The Old Newberry’s Looks Back in Time – Providence, Rhode Island by Jack McCabe
Both sides of the street….. by DaveHrusecky
Rippled effect by MarianBendeth

DaveHrusecky DaveHrusecky 117 posts

Thank you ever so much Javimage.

su2anne su2anne 1515 posts

congrats to all those featured
and thank you for the continued support of our 2 dedicated hosts
x suzanne:))

Monnie Ryan Monnie Ryan 779 posts

I’ve already voted, and I don’t have an entry in the challenge — so I’ll go on record as saying I don’t think it’s fair to other entrants to feature anything that’s entered in a challenge before that challenge has ended. Similarly, I consider it an unfair advantage when a photo is featured as an example of what should be entered in a challenge that is allowed to be an entry in that challenge, which I also see happen all too frequently. When mine has been used in that way, which has happened a couple of times, I never enter that photo in the challenge, even if it means I have nothing else to enter. I know it’s likely that I’m in the minority and I don’t mean to be a cantankerous old woman, but this is an issue that has bothered me ever since I joined RB.

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1594 posts

Completely agree with Monnie on both counts. Featuring an image, either as group feature or as challenge avatar, gives such an image an unfair advantage, through a ‘familiarity’ effect – I’ve seen such images win or end very high in a challenge far too often.

I understand it can be tempting to see new work coming in for a challenge to pick out some of them to feature – but effectively that is the host ‘voting’ for those images, and hosts are not allowed to vote. So please don’t – and wait.

For a challenge avatar the solution is very simple: use your own images as example since you’re not allow to enter anyway! Like Monnie, if one of my images is chosen as a challenge avatar, I do not enter that image even if that leave me with nothing to enter (yes, that has happened). Also, if I see an image in the challenge that is also its avatar, I do not vote for this, to slightly counteract this ‘familiarity effect’ (only slightly – I’ve seen such images win in spite of that).

Jack McCabe Jack McCabe 437 posts

Am I missing something? I don’t see that the current challenge avatar was submitted in the challenge?

As far as a photo being selected to be included in one of the twelve features in a given week, that has nothing to do with the challenge. The challenge images are voted on by members on a one by one vote. The features are selected by either Javimage or myself each week based on their merit alone and have no bearing on the challenges.
If you do things differently in some other group that has no bearing on how we’ve set things up in this group. Redbubble doesn’t tell us how to run this group and it has run quite smoothly since 2008.


Javimage Javimage 99 posts

There are some misunderstandings going on here that I’d like to clear up as far as I can:
- Hosts are allowed to enter challenges, there are no rules set by RedBubble that prevent this. BUT in the information about the challenges in this group the participation of the hosts was made clear: the challenge before this one (Blue) hosts did not participate, but in this challenge (Nature) they could.
- Hosts are allowed to vote in challenges, there’s no diffence with regular group members, or even non-members, everyone can vote.
- In this group (and many other groups) the participation of hosts will be announced in the introduction of the challenge.
- The avatar image for this last challenge was entered into the challenge, but later was replaced by another entry. This was the sole initiative and decision of the member.
- I can understand any concern about challenge entries being featured during the active challenge. I think I would reconsider that in any upcoming challenge. But as was stated above by Marjolein and Monnie it still remains to be seen if this could effectively be considered an unfair advantage. Members choosing NOT to vote for the featured images could prove to be a disadvantage as well. So in that case featuring those images could be an unfair advantgae OR an unfair disadvantage. Either way it seems better to prevent this next time.

Thanks for the input, I hope this all adds to the quality and fun of participating in this group!

Jeroen, co-host

MarianBendeth MarianBendeth 1533 posts

Thank you very much for this feature and Congratulations to all with fantastic eyes and captures!

dlschenck dlschenck 2 posts

I wanted to wait until the voting was finished for the challenge considering the comments above. Thank you so much for this feature. I do appreciate it.

Jack McCabe Jack McCabe 437 posts

The challenge thing gives me a headache.

I am thankful that Javimage has to patience to deal with challenges.

If anyone wants to actually help run stuff it would be appreciated.