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Reflections in Windows of Buildings, Autos, Transport - Established November 2008

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Comment Front Page Honor for RIBW members 2011.03.12
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Congratulations to:

Richard Earl
Chuck Wickham
Austin Dean
John Gaffen
Roseale Scanlon
Phil Decocco

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almost 4 years ago by MarianBendeth
Comment General Discussion
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about 5 years ago by Dana Roper
Comment Group News
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over 2 years ago by muz2142
Comment There's the Rules and then there's the Exceptions to the Rules!
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The Rules for our RIBW group, which were not written by me, are pretty clear and simply stated, however there are ways to adjudicate works that are partly based on criteria and then there is subjectivity on behalf of the judge. I don’t think this is avoid

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