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Group NEWS October 7th 2012

Nicla Rossini Nicla Rossini 170 posts

Dear all,

This is a quick weekly newsletter from the group RedBubble’s Treasures

✓ Kindly check our weekly features We’ll soon add a discussion thread for congratulations in the Forum!

✓ On a slightly different topic, ✽∰❋ᎷᎥᏲαᎶᏒᏋᎩ❋∰✽ is considering submissions for art, prose, poetry, and music. If you’re interested in this showcase opportunity kindly join us HERE and submit your work. ☆҉ ѕαяαѕναтi Gallєяу ☆҉ is considering portfolios for upcoming exhibitions. Kindly use the contact form to submit yours in case you’re interested in this opportunity.

✓☆҉ ѕαяαѕναтi Gallєяу ☆҉": is exbiting the work of Mia DeLode Pamela Pretty and Mike Absalom . Starting from October 11th we’ll also exbit Joan Carroll ’s work!

All my very best,
Nicla Rossini