First step into the big arena

Mathieu Chauveau Mathieu Chauveau 1 post

Hi everyone,
I’ve decided to take a step forward and put my work out there.
Here is the first sample (more will follow later). What are your thoughts?
Thank you all in advance.

BYRON BYRON 12439 posts

here ’tis:

James Coard James Coard 386 posts

Nice shot with good tones. Perhaps a vantage point further right and lower to the ground would have been more dramatic with protestors and car at the same eye level? This would have reduced some of the empty patch of road visible too. It is framed a little tightly too around the car. Anyway I’m nitpicking – it’s still pretty good and I doubt I would do better under the circumstances :)

boonga boonga 13 posts

Hi Matt, here are my thoughts:
Nice capture – lucky timing!
As James said, I also would like to see a more ‘aggressive’ perspective.
The details on the far edges of the images are lacking (in the trees).
Those people in the crowd wearing black have no detail and kinda distract from the main subject – somehow the fire just doesn’t look fierce.
Hope that helps in some way :)