T-shirt design: which one to pick? (locked)

Ine Spee Ine Spee 50 posts

Hi all, I hope this is in the right forum.

I decided to make a shirt out of one of my drawings (or at least part of a drawing). Thing is, I’m not sure how well the original image would print on a shirt, since it’s an ink on paper drawing. So I made a simple Illustrator version as well.
The thing is, now I don’t know which version is actually better… The computer one looks cleaner and would probably print better (I’m new to this so I don’t really know), but the original one seems to have more “character” to it. =/

For each one I have a version for light and dark coloured shirts.

As you may have guessed, I’m a very indecisive person. =P
Any other critique is welcome as well!

Adriana Glackin Adriana Glackin 3299 posts

Hi there!

Welcome to the critique forum – you’re in the right place!

I really like both versions, and both will print up well. there’s a certain sweetness and naivety with the hand drawn version, but the illustrator version is still very cute. You can certainly make them both available for sale.

I hope this helps =)

Debbie Black Debbie Black 961 posts

all are fantastic, but i personally prefer the hand-drawn image in both cases…..

inexistentia inexistentia 1876 posts

The hand drawn on the brown is great

janpiller janpiller 6238 posts

yup – hand drawn- this is really cool!!!

Ine Spee Ine Spee 50 posts

Thank you for the feedback everyone!
I will go upload the hand drawn versions right now, since they seem to get a better response. =D

Duncan Waldron Duncan Waldron 61 posts

For what it’s worth, since you’ve already decided (I’ve been away for a while), I’d agree with the choice of hand-drawn. Understand your dilemma though – it happens to me when I make different versikons of a photograph. I think there is something very tactile and ‘human’ about a hand-drawn image, and seeing the textural details enlarged can enhance the feeling (as long as it’s not over-enlarged, and the drawings are good quality – which yours are!).

kvalle kvalle 122 posts

Brown vector bird for sure…. very cute