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RedBubble "NUDE" Book Launch! Wed 12 Aug. Readings Bookshop!

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

RedBubble “Nude” Book Launch
6.30pm, Wed 12 August 2009
Readings Bookshop
309 Lygon St, Carlton, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Nude. It’s here; we’re launching it.
If you will be in Melbourne at this time, please RSVP by leaving a message here by Sunday 9th of August. Preference will be given to contributors and places are limited, so be quick!

The book will become available on RedBubble shortly afterward, for anyone itching to get their sweaty mitts on one.

JHP Unique and Beautiful Images JHP Unique and... 213 posts

If there is space I would be interested in coming.

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

Grouse, Joshua, I’ll put you down.

stjc stjc 9 posts

I look forward to the book launch. Steve.

Leila  Koren Leila Koren 9 posts

Count me in! :) Leila

drjones drjones 12 posts

Wish I could attend!! Can somebody please take pics?

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

noted, Leila!

drjones, we’ll be filming it to share with the community.

if you’d rather RSVP discreetly, then please email me hop@redbubble.com

Rossman72 Rossman72 93 posts

Put me down for two!

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

Steve and Ross, done and done.

John Dicandia ( JinnDoW ) John Dicandia ... 182 posts

I’ll be there!

John Dicandia ( JinnDoW ) John Dicandia ... 182 posts

Can I bring someone?

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

Most certainly, John. I’ll put you down for two.

Rossman72 Rossman72 93 posts

Can I add another one pls! Thanx Hop.

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

No worries, Ross.

There’s still space, so if anyone is still considering it, let me know ASAP.

Lisa Defazio Lisa Defazio 15 posts

I will be in the area – so will pop in!

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

that’ll be great, glamazon! the more the merrier.

karldenton karldenton 13 posts

I can’t make it but am look forward to getting the book. Someone please take a bucnh of photographs!

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

If anyone took pictures at this event, can you please email the good ones to me at hop@redbubble.com?

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

By the way, Hop is not a naughty image stealer, he just wants some images to make a pretty journal post and is photographically challenged

lol @ Hop

adrian76 adrian76 849 posts

I really, really should have brought my darn camera!

Dan Perez Dan Perez 2186 posts

An event centered around an art book, attended by artists and photographers and nobody had a camera?
That’s just too funny.

hopdac hopdac 248 posts

I’m certain I saw flashing! And not the nude kind, either.
Anyway, we got some stuff on film, thankfully.

Ozcloggie Ozcloggie 768 posts

Told you I should have driven down. (LOL) Would certainly have taken pictures. I’m addicted to telling the cyber-world about what I’m doing. :)

Dan Perez Dan Perez 2186 posts

Well, if anyone did take photos, please post them someplace that they can be viewed by those of us who were thousands of miles away from Melbourne

Ozcloggie Ozcloggie 768 posts

Was so pleased to receive the book. Had a little to much time to think about it.
Now not sure what to think. Cannot find anything here to tell me how or if the the book gets sold / distributed.
Hop wrote that yesterday was his last day, with Redbubble.
What’s happening?