Hearts At War - Melbourne Exhibition (locked)

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Not so long ago in a hotel room in a not so far away city, an assasin was honing in on her victim… The heart is stronger than the gun and emotions are confronted in a face to face battle, where conflict, contradiction and love stand at the wrong end of a smoking barrel.

Hearts At WarOpening Night 18th January 20086pm to 8pmAt The Brunswick St. Gallery322 Brunswick st. Fitzroy 3065BubbleMail me for more infoorCall 0413 704 625 & leave a message!

The first thirty people in to see the exhibition on Friday evening will receive their very own Hearts At War ID badge. Some are even signed by the artists involved! Check ’em out!

An exhibition by Paul Louis Villani based on a fictitious character created, developed and modelled by the beautiful and multi talented Jessica Tremp
The exhibition will also be featuring Michael Alesich

More to come…

Paul Vanzella Paul Vanzella 4 posts

Love where this is headed!

Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts

January ’08… All will be revealed!!

Michael Douglass Michael Douglass 130 posts

Agreed, this sounds promising.

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Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts


The assasin has surveyed the scene and leaves quietly with weapen shielded but with humor intact! ;p!


Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts

What better way to comprehend an assasin than to look deep into her eyes…

Ignore the writing on the wall…
You should read between the lines…

Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts

…and who is this unsuspecting victim?
Strong, silent and handsome…

What did he do?

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

You mean looking into her eye.
This all a bit to scary for me.

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Karen Cougan Karen Cougan 37 posts

you guys are so so talented…………..congrats…………now if only I lived in Melbourne

Andrew  Hogan-Higgs Andrew Hogan-... 2 posts

I am deffinately very interested in this project.

transmute transmute 717 posts

Can’t wait to see how all this turned out Paul…

Louise Cooke Louise Cooke 53 posts

what a coooolll theme…one image and a few words have already got me intrigued.

John Robb John Robb 2663 posts

An assassin with a heart…… hmmm interesting.

I find that emotion just clouds things as you look through the window lining up the crosshairs – I do hope she will be able to get past this roadblock in her career.


Looking forward to seeing the results.

Michman Michman 446 posts

I’m feeling hunted, Very hunted.

Images are looking good Paul.

Melissa Vowell Melissa Vowell 8126 posts

phwoar I can’t wait for this one!

Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts

The victim is all confused.
The lights are gone, she pulled the fuse.
He’s suddenly about to be the news.
Distorted lies and points of views.
They’re going to label her the killer.
Instead of proclaiming her the winner.

He’s just gone and turned the tables,
On this rotten, fickle, disturbing fable.
But the assasin will come again,
Pretending just to be a friend.
But this time he is prepared,
For Hearts at War her love he snared…

adrian76 adrian76 849 posts

Get concept, and with so many great people involved, it’s sure to be brilliant

Keep the teasers coming!

Sarah Moore Sarah Moore 254 posts

wow Paul this is sooo exciting can’t wait to see the final reveal!

Michman Michman 446 posts

Paul, that new image is great, I can’t believe I actually look decent.
You do wonders with photoshop.


bodymechanic bodymechanic 541 posts

this gives me a wo would u look at that great big gun she’s holding………its coming along nicely PLV

Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts

Mate, you’re a good looking rooster!
Photoshop does not equal plastic surgery!!!
It’s all you Michael!! :D

Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 854 posts


Lisa  Jewell Lisa Jewell 3119 posts

Geez that last image is HOT…..they all are of course and the story is too….but WOW….me wants that last one….