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Grungy Red & Grey

I absolutely love all of these images…

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good one mos…. lovely indeed

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

MOS I love your Matt Layout, its beautiful! :) x

@Shadowdancer – love the bottom row esp. on woman and beaches!

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thanks lizzy, i enjoyed looking at those xmas layouts!!!!
thanks fiona!!!!!
thanks MOS for swapping those two images over, i think it looks better.
beautiful layouts everyone
;-) xox

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Gosh Layouts Make Me drool!!!
Beauty wok everyone!
Twist Me !

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Pink Floyd

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Story-time Blind Collaboration:

CJ , Matt, Adriana Glackin, Doreen
A-M, Rachel, CJ, and MOS

titus titus 75 posts

THANK YOU to everyone and redbubble for selecting my Hues of gold, green and orange filled my winter dreams composition. I am really thrilled. There is so much incredible work on RB that I’m consistently overwhelmed. Seeing all the wondering arrangements people create only emphasizes the diversity and creativity of our members. It’s really inspiring.

Thank you again, greatly appreciate all the kind words.

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CJ B CJ B 620 posts

So, I’ve noticed KazM comments on almost every single home page feature. She writes thoughtful, personal alliterated comments…this layout was made for her (image #1 is hers) – and if it gets picked, I think we should all leave her an amazing, thoughtful alliterated comment.

gobucki gobucki 1837 posts

Awwwww CJ. You are so sweet.

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

Ah CJ! Thats a brilliant idea, RED must pick it! You are such a sweetie! :) xxx

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

4th Continental Layout (and of course its my favourite as its my home!!!! :) Gotta love Africa, one of the most beautiful continents…)

This Is Africa Baby!

(Elephants – one of our many national parks, Rwanda, Okavango Delta – Botswana, Barber shop in the townships of my country, Knysna South Africa!, Sahara Desert, Mozambique, Spitskop – Namibia, Zanzibar)

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

5th Continental Layout

El Latino, with some Rasta in the mix! – Central America

(Jamaica, Havana – Cuba, Bermuda, Panama Hat, Puerto Rico (for Isa ♥), Costa Rica Wagon wheel, Guatemala, Mexico)

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

@ MATT – i looove your pink floyd layout, i keep going back and it always catches my eye when i scroll down, brilliant! :)

gobucki gobucki 1837 posts

Thank you Fiona. I’ve got more music layouts coming eventually. I have some ideas.

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

6th Continental Layout

Uh-Merica – North America

(Northern Lights, Route 66, Cape Cod, Hollywood, Kodiak Bear with Salmon, NY Time Square, American Bald Eagle, Grand canyon)

linaji linaji 6573 posts

I love love the @ FIONA El Latina and North America..
@ Matt I did say your last home page was Beyond Bliss!
@CJ… Kaz Z’s tribute is Gorgeous.. you all are such a community within a community!!

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

7th Continental Layout

Euro Chic – Europe excluding the UK

(Santorini – Greece, Dutch Gouda, Swiss Alps, Barley Fields – Tuscany, Venice, Sweden Countryside, Little Mermaid Denmark, French Street)

Sanne Thijs Sanne Thijs 935 posts

Fiona, that is Europe with a lot of exclusion. :p

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

It was probably the hardest continent to do!!!! There was a ton more pics i wanted to put in!!! I think i will have to do a Euro 2! Any requests! :)

Sanne Thijs Sanne Thijs 935 posts

BELGIUM!! only because i live in it :p
oh and the first European president is from Belgium
there is even a whole group on redbubble for that tiny country

and others

Germany, Spain, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Ukraine (Europe is “big” ;-) )

Fiona Christensen Fiona Christensen 788 posts

hahaha! ok, the next one is one its way! but ireland is going to be in another one! Il use each of the rest! :)