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everyone lets move, i think MOS has taken my cane and is gettin’ ready to use it. LOL
;-) xox

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Theme: Rhyming things =)

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Fixed the tshirts. Had two of the same artist! Mixed them around a bit too :)

Some gorgeous tshirts :)

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the Birds & the Bees (on Blue T’s)

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Rachel looove your spiral layout…nice selection.

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at Shadow Dancer – I l.o.v.e your moody rain team… To look at, not to walk in!
at Sarah – of the ones you did, the abstact fun theme is my favourite – and I like those Marionette dolls and puppets too – they have something nice and weird to them :D
at Appel – gorgeous blue and pink Seaside! I definitely will go and encourage some of those artists! And it really would make a great front page!
at a~m – surrealism – omg, how surreal good is that! :D
at MOS – aww, those birds T’s are awesome! Really lovely selection and layout!
at colleen – yes, Red did notice it, isn’t it! And omg – I think I do have to get used to the Aussie humor then – but that won’t be so hard with my Flemish humor LOL – And thanks for the compliment on Laundry day :D
at colleen, somebody els who asked (forgot who) and everybody: Yes please, do call me Steppe or Steppeland – I consider that as my artist-name, and that’s what all my online friends call me – I just haven’t decided (yet) to use my real name on the internet ;)
at Mathew – That locked theme of yours is just marvellous!
at Angel – you really beat me with that rhyming words theme, dear, – I did try to figure it out, but just didn’t have a clue… Well, not being a native English speaker, these kind of challenges are extra hard, of course LOL – but, rhyimg or not, you did have a great ‘random’ selection there! :)
And I think your European cities layout was just awesome! Maybe you should bring it forward again, since it there was so much chatting around – but then I’m not sure what is allowed here in the forum with regard to ‘upping’ layouts, and what not, since I am new too… :)
at Rachel, Awesome arches and spirals layout – and very different subject – great finds there!
and finally
at CJ – Very pretty and cuter, those Birds and Bees – that blue background works very well to make it ‘a whole’

OMG – and that was a lot of comments for sure – but mainly really about the layouts :D

edit – All right, so I seemed to have problems with the editing code again: all my ‘at’ signs showed as < /br > in the text… So well, I opted for typing it in full then… o_O

imagesbyalecs imagesbyalecs 88 posts


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*Chicks and chooks *

and one extra:

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Rachel love your page!

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Artists never featured on the homepage
Sarah, I hope it’s all right I went ahead and selected some work from the artists in the forum :NEVER BEEN FEATURED ON THE RB HOMEPAGE!: :) ? In case that would interfere with your plans or so, do let me know! :)

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Head in the Clouds

It’s about time I got around to doing some more of these….

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Thank you Alecs and Steppeland :) Alot of really good work here,… artwork and layout ideas!

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Lynsye, your heads in the clouds make me smile! Great idea and nice collection and layout!

Rachel, thanks for the compliment- and I LOVE your owls layout.

Here goes… (drumroll please – love this one myself [giggle] ) :

Earthen Vessels and Lavender

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Steppeland – Thank-you! Love your Earthen Vessels and Lavender ~ Beautiful!
Rachel – love the owls and the arches & spirals!
Alecs – I had been thinking of doing a bottle one – you beat me to it! ;-) Great job!!
CJ – love the birds and bees on blue tees! ;-D Simple & fun!

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This is my first attempt “There is art in Teddy Bears”


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Oh, Sandra! Well done! Looks fantastic!!!

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Awesome, SandraRoss, lovely teddy bear theme! Great you join us!

In the hands of the potter

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Another awesome set, Steppeland! You must have discovered some of these from your previous one, Earthen Vessels & Lavender.

Here’s one that speaks to me because I’ve been under the weather lately…

Bread & Soup

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@SANDRA – big welcome! Well done on the teddies :))

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Love all the layouts but the lavender and the teddy bears are my two favorites! Lovely work all!

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Hey the teddy bears are on the home page! Congrats Sandra!! :)

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WOW, WOW, too much amazing choice. Sandra gets a welcome free kick … And it is a lovely collection.

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great choice red, love those bears. my head is spinning at all the great layouts. i can hardly keep up!