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RedBubble Home Page (locked)

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

LOL – there’s seems to be a real thing going here with cute fluffy dogs… anyone done a search for Tibetan Spaniels? We have 2 of them at home and they are soooo cute… ;)))

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

Well – I just did one and 12 absolutely sooo cute images come up…

would anyone who can get their head around how to make these clicky square picture links like to consider including 1 of them (hint hint…) :)))

Sarah Bentvelzen Sarah Bentvelzen 2339 posts

I hope this works! My theme for Redbubble Homepage is Blue Lips.

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

LOL Sarah! They’re beautiful :)))

Colleen Milburn Colleen Milburn 5813 posts

@Sarah – way to go, sweetie – homepage already!! Very cool :))

The RedBubble Homepage The RedBubble ... 1295 posts

Sarah’s blue lips caught my fancy todat

Garth Smith Garth Smith 808 posts

well done sarah

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

Wow – that was quick!!! Big congrats Sarah :)))

Pip Gerard Pip Gerard 966 posts

All from the sensational new group International superheroes of illustration

Catherine Mardix Catherine Mardix 81 posts

@ Sarah – Awesome page!!!

Sarah Bentvelzen Sarah Bentvelzen 2339 posts

Thanks everyone! I wasn’t expecting my design to be chosen already! Thank you so much! I just love these blue lip pieces, they’re gorgeous!

Sarah Bentvelzen Sarah Bentvelzen 2339 posts

Okay… so I’ve picked out another set of images for the homepage. I started a forum topic a while back, Redbubblers! Market yourselves HERE! I know, a great title… lol! So I thought it could be a good idea to try and get those people, who have posted their images on that discussion page, featured on the RB homepage.
The theme is: Marketing Australian Artists. These images are from some of the Aussie artists who have posted on that forum.

I hope this comes out ok. I know that I recently posted a suggestion, and I’m not sure if there are any limitations to how many a person can suggest…. but here you go anyway!

Mika Mika 274 posts

Wow the homepage today looks wicked!
Love the blue lips :)
Lol ive decided not to try and post photos….my little brain doesnt grasp it enough, so now ill just watch all you awesome articulators :)
And omg yall rock!

JanT JanT 2558 posts

@DragonFlyer, Sanne posted instructions on page 57 of this thread. I know you can do it!

These are great groupings! I’ve been looking at these from the Marion Cullen’s beginning. Good way to find works of art I’ve missed.

Lynsye Medalia Lynsye Medalia 390 posts

@Sarah – LOVE the blue lips! Congrats on selecting the features!

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

@ Jan – yes, I know there’ve been instructions posted all over the place… I’ve read (if you can call it that lol) lots of them… but somehow, maybe with all the other stuff my brain is having to be full of right now, all those ! and : and " and more ! just don’t seem to penetrate at all…..

Agree with you that watching this thread is a great way to find wonderful works though – that’s why I’m here Jan… as well as that I LOVE watching the talent all those suggesting HP themes and layouts show in how aesthetically they organise the images…

The RedBubble Homepage The RedBubble ... 1295 posts

Todays picks are the winners of the Substance of Things Not Seen Competition

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

FANTASTIC page red :)))

myoriginalsin myoriginalsin 2248 posts

Very cool homepage :)

transmute transmute 717 posts

Thanks for the feature!

LaraLuz LaraLuz 925 posts

who do I have to buy something for to get a homepage feature these days?

sparklezdtr sparklezdtr 251 posts

I only found this post yesterday :) I was wondering how the redbubble homepages were chosen! :) There are some fantastic combinations. Great job to every-one.
I hope Im not stepping on any toes but after hours of browsing and trying to work out how to do it (Thanks Sanne for the tutorial) I have come up with a combination. I hope it works!

This one is for the girls :) I’ll have to come up with a boy themed one now.


sparklezdtr sparklezdtr 251 posts

Yippee, it worked!

JanT JanT 2558 posts

Nice interplay of text, fonts, and pink images, sparklezdtr, even if I don’t have a thing for pink.

sparklezdtr sparklezdtr 251 posts

Thanks Jan. It was fun trying to find all these wonderful images :)