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Are you a Professional with a capital P or "just an amateur"?

Erika Gouws Erika Gouws 74 posts

I enjoyed these two articles so much that I want to share them.



Confessions of a so-called PRO

tracywallace tracywallace 1155 posts

I enjoyed them too. Thanks for posting :)

adrian76 adrian76 849 posts

Great little articles

I stick to the “I’m a Photographer” line now as well. I still think the label “Professional” (capital P) is reserved for those that use Photography as their primary or sole source of income.

I’m happen to be a very fortunate one, who has picked up enough Photography work to pay for the passion I have for new and old camera equipment. I think the clearer line lies between those that really just enjoy taking photos and sharing them, and those driven to challenge themselves and really refine their craft. There is enough room in the world for all Photographers, regardless of labels, so I tend not to get caught up in it all too much :)

Dawn OConnor Dawn OConnor 4024 posts

im a professional, with a capital P!!! Ive sold 3 postcards and had 2 pics published in a local mag, didnt get paid for that tho!

yolanda yolanda 491 posts

I am a photographer as I love taking photos . . . if I sell great but I will continue taking pics for the enjoyment I get from it. Thanks for sharing the articles . . interesting reading :-)

CapturedByKylie CapturedByKylie 1991 posts

What great articles! Thanks for bringing this blog to my attention!

© Joe  Beasley IPA © Joe Beasley... 3915 posts

I am a Photographer (professional).
I have worked with every type of camera from a 100 year old 8×10 view camera

to a point and shoot digital

I worked in both still photography and cinematography (High Speed Movies up to 20,000FPS)
I agree 100% with the Confessions of a so-called PRO

Dan Perez Dan Perez 2186 posts

Great articles and very reassuring to those of us who never quite know how to catagorize oursleves. I don’t make a living from my photography because I have no little interest in sticking with what is commerially popular or doing paid event photography. Ocassionally I make some money that doesn’t come anywhere near covering the cost of equipment. Yet, I’ve spent many years and a lot of time devoting myself to doing what i love to do.

The labels really don’t matter, nor does the fact that you may or may not sell your work, it’s all about the passion for doing it and dedicating yourself to it. So, it’s nice to read something like that.

dinghysailor1 dinghysailor1 828 posts

loved reading this.. thanks for sharing!! he sounds an ace guy and really grounded

James Coard James Coard 386 posts

Amateur with a capital A! Great reading Erika – can relate to this. Not a pro nor ever will be – wouldn’t that just take all the fun out of it!

LeviMoore LeviMoore 5292 posts

Those are great articles, totaly made my day. Thanks for sharing man.
I just had to share those on my FB.

Erika Gouws Erika Gouws 74 posts

Only too happy to share and to add something to the general pool of ideas and information. It’s a blog worth watching!

Ben Herman Ben Herman 1091 posts

The writer sounds careless. Professional/non professional, take care of your gear man.

transmute transmute 717 posts

I’m a ninja.

transmute transmute 717 posts

And a grandmother.

janpiller janpiller 6238 posts

I’m a “hobby photographer” that on occassion makes money and who wishes those occassions weren’t so occassional.

WendyJC WendyJC 286 posts

such a brilliant read :o)

Isa Rodriguez Isa Rodriguez 11033 posts

that was so nice to read ….♥………………….brilliant

janpiller janpiller 6238 posts

I had to go back and read it again. Just to remind myself…..

Wendy J. St. Christopher Wendy J. St. C... 79 posts

The first piece was super. The second . . . well, made my brain bleed a little.

I’m all about the details: am immersed in my software, cap my lenses, revere my gear.The ‘process’ is my religion—and, it’s how I make my living.

portparadise portparadise 1809 posts

Great articles. I have to admit – the second one is me to a tee. My cam is sitting on the sideboard right now – no lens cap, no protection, no nothing. I should maybe put away in its bag :)