[World Issue] How long does mankind have left on this earth? (locked)

Kimberley Sutherland Kimberley Suth... 55 posts

Ok, so we all know of global warming, the rising temperatures, and the bad effects man is having on the earth…..

so how long do you reckon we have left? 200 years? 500? 1000 years?…

Will we all end up living under giant domes, or be on Mars?…

Che01 Che01 624 posts

Not long if I manage to get my hands on some nukes.

ErikKluftPhotography ErikKluftPhoto... 71 posts

There is alot of controversy around 2012 at the moment. Some scientists belive that the polar magnets of Mother Earth will swap wich will cause enormous changes in climate and of course heaps of other things (for example think of our grid networks for power they wont work anymore). It is also the end of the Mayan calendar… anyone interested google 2012 and read up.

Roslyn Lunetta Roslyn Lunetta 365 posts

20 minutes at the rate we humans are going

Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

Another 100 or so years… but our human race is clever. We’ll come up with some sort of solution to survive. :-)

BYRON BYRON 12483 posts

no more than 40 years, tops, before society around the worlds no longer functions as we know it.

It will collapse upon itself. Everything we have is not sustainable and will naturally start to careen towards entropy very very soon.

Cascade failure is inevitable. The very nature of humanity will bring about the collapse of society. Destruction of the environment will take care of the rest.

If you don’t think it can happen, study your history. EVERY major civilisation in history has eventually ended. And all evidence suggests that the end comes very quickly.

Azzurra Azzurra 89 posts


then it doesnt really matter after that lol

no but seriously not long if someone doesnt come up with a plan …..

SpaceAce08 SpaceAce08 167 posts

I didn’t know MANKIND was still with the WWE lol

Michael Gatch Michael Gatch 532 posts

ahahahaha, nice.

While I consider myself a very cynical person, I must say that We’re here to stay for quite some time. The world has ways of keeping things alive if they know where to go. some people will stick around and things will slowly recover in the event of some apocalyptic scenario.

Kimberley Sutherland Kimberley Suth... 55 posts

Wow, alot of pessimism here. I thought we’d last a while longer than 40 years or so!

Although a sudden apocalypse of the whole entire world would be interesting. and somewhat devastating….

Durotriges Durotriges 18047 posts

I believe that 2036 is the year when Apophis is due to strike the earth More importantly how many of you will be out there taking pictures of it when it happens?

Jared Poole Jared Poole 5374 posts

Isn’t Zenu or something supposed to eradicate all of us?

CDCcreative CDCcreative 63 posts

Isn’t a blackhole created by the Large Hadron Collider going to destroy humankind in 2008 ?? Either that or when it starts it will be year zero for time travel. In which case we can ask travellers from the future if the world has ended yet.

inexistentia inexistentia 1876 posts

Humans would survive most catastrophes with the exception of a few solar system wide, such as a close-by supernova washing us with radiation or a black hole passing through our solar system.

Even a massive asteroid collision wouldn’t wipe us all out.

It’s estimated that after peak oil , if another energy source can’t be found very quickly, we will only have enough raw energy production available to us (this includes men, women and children ploughing fields themselves) to produce food for about 2 billion. That’s probably the most pressing problem humanity faces in the short term.

Also, if you don’t already know much about the subject, do a bit of research into the massive supervolcano also known as Yellowstone National Park. It’s a few hundred thousand years overdue for explosion. It’s thought that if / when it goes off, nobody will be able to approach within 1000 miles of its 50 mile wide caldera.

For a grim preview of the future we would face after a thermonuclear war, have a dig around and see if you can find the 1983 British docudrama called Threads . Sobering stuff. Don’t let the kids watch it.

inexistentia inexistentia 1876 posts

Celia: I read recently that a black hole had been temporarily created. The type of black holes they can create in a collider are too unstable to do anything more than wink out in a matter of nanoseconds in a puff of Hawking radiation.

we hope ;)
inexistentia inexistentia 1876 posts

I reckon if we could stem our population growth and implemented a sustainable energy regime we could survive indefinitely on Earth, or at least until Sol goes nova :) – but since that is 4 billion years away, I’m sure that, if we are still alive as a species and civilisation, we will be so far from our present day forms, and so advanced, that we will probably have spread through the multiverse and met up with our parallel selves! Now there’s food for thought.

EOS20 EOS20 74554 posts

More importantly how many of you will be out there taking pictures of it when it happens?

Proberly be here posting away as usual! :P

pinkrubberduck pinkrubberduck 16 posts

NASA have actually found a new and interesting energy sourse, Helium 3 which is located on the moon. Hypotheticly it will laste us for about 50 000 yeares or so. Not that I think that our population will exist for that long.