Canon 17-85mm - Err 01 msg

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Hi all,

I have a Canon 50D. This morn I took some pics with my trusty old 17-85mm (had it since 2006), and had no probs. Turned it off & turned it on a few hours later to receive this message:

ERR 01
‘Communications between the camera & lens are faulty. Clean the lens contacts’

Cleaned camera & lens contacts (with the tissues you clean the lens with), put another lens on the 50D & it works fine.

Put the 17-85 on my 400D & it came up with an Err 99 msg – saying to check things or change the battery.

Any ideas on how else I can clean the contacts or thoughts on if it’s worth having looked at to be fixed?


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I had similar issues with my 17-85mm lens.
Turns out it’s caused by a failed ribbon cable in the lens, and is a fairly common issue.

You can buy a replacement aperture ribbon cable (I got mine for $12) and fix it yourself if you’re game ;-)

It is pretty expensive to get it repaired by Canon – probably more than the lens is worth.
However, there’s a guy in Brisbane, Peter Parnell, who will repair it for $95 plus postage – check out this comment on my blog post for contact details.

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Gee thanks Martin, there is some great info in your links (and a lot of reading for me to do! :))

There is no way I’ll try & fix it myself….I’ll see what a local repairer will quote…

I’ve had the lens since 2006 & it is a good allrounder… I’ll get it fixed if it’s not too expensive.

Thanks again for your links…it’s been a great help :)

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Seems like that is more than likely the problem… I’ve tested the lens & it works outside those perameters…..
At least I can try to get a specific quote to fix it now… I’ll see how I go locally before I try interstate…
Thanks again Martin your info was really helpful :)

Martin Pot Martin Pot 993 posts

No worries – glad to help out ;-)

I know just how frustrating it is when your lens isn’t working…