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Value of TV Rights to a photograph

Willie Jackson Willie Jackson 18 posts

I was lucky enough to capture an offroad racer rolling during RallyDay at Castle Combe Motor Racing Circuit. It was harmless and nobody was hurt.
The car involved belongs to Race2Recovery a team of largely disabled service personel who are well on the way to achieving their aim of racing in the Dakar rally raid in South America in January 2013.
At the time a TV documentary crew from Eurosport was on site making a film about the team but their crew missed the roll. I don’t believe anybody else besides myself captured it and my photos are all of the quality of the sample posted here. I have been approached by them asking for a copy of my pictures a series of 4 of the roll itself and a couple of others just before and just after, although the producer seems to think I am just going to e-mail them to him and he hasn’t mentioned anything about payment.
My research suggests that the use of a photo in a TV programme is worth around $750.
Is this about right for each photo and should I be looking at discounting for the use of multiple images (all 6)?
I am willing to negotiate, I just need reassurance I am kicking off in the right ball park.
Willie Jackson

tjhiphop tjhiphop 153 posts

While I know nothing about this kind of thing (so feel free to completely disregard this message), it would be safe to start out high when negotiating, because even if it’s way more than you end up with, you don’t potentially give the buyers a really good deal due to your inexperience.

Willie Jackson Willie Jackson 18 posts

My thoughts exactly, but I don’t want put him off by being astronomically high!

LindaMatlow LindaMatlow 2 posts

I’ve licensed tens of thousands of dollars of images to tv shows thru the years. Depends news or a regular show? We’ve sold licenses for one time use for $800-$3000 for one time use,more if it’s worldwide for an extended use. We do not sell copyrights.
Last time we did it was in the mid 5 figures.