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Mat Robinson Mat Robinson 11 posts

Hello all,

A local printers is wanting to know about printing some of my photos and offering them for sale in their store.
I am just wondering what would be the standard percentage to ask for in return on top of their printing costs?

I have no idea where to start so any idea would be nice!


Darlene Lankford Honeycutt Darlene Lankfo... 1896 posts

That depends on your costs and what the market will bear. So check around your area and get some comparable retail prices for various sizes of prints and make sure that after you cover your costs and add your mark up, your total price to the public is competitive in the market. I know in the area where I live an 8×10 from a professional can be bought for $10-$15…I can have one printed on here for about $6. I price my 8×10′s at around $12.

Hope that helps.

Mat Robinson Mat Robinson 11 posts

Yeah, thanks… the exact situation is that I would email some high res versions of the images I already have, they are primarily a print shop so would be doing the printing themselves and selling the images on for roughly £30.

The cost to myself would be minimal as I am not going out of my way to create photos for them, and their sale price will be the standard £30 to fit with the rest of the range.

So say it costs them £15 in time and canvas to make my prints, leaving them with a profit of £15, would it be fair for me to ask for half of that profit? A Quarter? More? Less?

MLabuda MLabuda 6968 posts

It is better to aim high with prices/return to you than lower, as raising prices is never easy.

It all depends on the marketplace, what you are offering, sizes, which have not be mentioned, demand for the item.

Mat Robinson Mat Robinson 11 posts

Thanks, that is certainly a good point about raising prices.

I have no idea about demand as I will only be starting on a test basis to see just what that demand is. They will be on canvas between 12-18 inches roughly.

I suppose I was just hoping that there may be some standard, like with standard commissions at galleries and suchlike, but the more I read it does seem it is very much varying from situation to situation.

MLabuda MLabuda 6968 posts

Commissions can range far and wide.

KatHarvey KatHarvey 25 posts

I’m doing a farmers market this spring and I just looked online at print prices, compared them to mine, looked at prices of other things (I also do stained glass and wire work) Online research helps alot.