The Lighthouse Project - Looking For Artists :)

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Hi Everyone!

Here is some more information on the —→ Lighthouse Project

Basically, from the start of July… I will be donating $5 from every t-shirt sale to the lighthouse project and am looking to start a group of like minded individuals here on RedBubble.

What I want to do is start a group where we may upload t-shirt designs that will contribute to the lighthouse project, so whenever a t-shirt from that group is bought… we simply donate $5 from that t-shirt design to the lighthouse project… and one way of encouraging more people to buy is to start a monthly post outlining all the designs sold that month… that way we can also easily track how much money we have raised on a monthly basis.

Basically I will add all my t-shirts that I consistently sell… simply :)

I have been speaking to the founder and the first “Pink Lighthouse” is proposed for Sydney… it will be a home for abandoned children, teens, and quasi adults needing a helping hand transitioning into adult hood… so they too have the opportunities that we all have had. However, it is more than that… it will provide counseling, shelter, food, employment opportunities, healthy mind and body activities, etc… offering a well rounded approach to rehabilitaion and support for those truly in need.

Once we get the group up and running, Lady Coco Nimet will do a feature about us on her website and actively keep people updated on our progress on a month to month basis… always linking back to our community group to encourage more traffic and sales for us all.

Who wants in to be a co-host?

And who wants to be a part of this group simply as an artist donating $5 per featured t-shirt sold?

Looking forward to your response :)


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I was thinking we could go down the route of creating…

1) An account (asking Lady Coco Nimet to create an account for the “Lighthouse Project”) on RedBubble and allowing artists to donate their designs to the project, and allowing the Lighthouse Project to set own commissions for designs and collect all funds made.

2) Create a group dedicated to providing artists with a place to post their works for which a percentage of profits will be donated to the Lighthouse Project. I was suggesting $5 AUD per t-shirt as if you add 50% markup, that would give the charity approximately $5 and the artist approximately $5 once a sale is made.

3) Both.

What are your thoughts?

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I think this is a great idea. I’m currently hosting a bunch of groups pretty much on my own. I think I would be stretched too thin if I took on another one. I will help you spread the word and see what happens.

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Thanks for all your support… after a lengthy discussion we have decided the best thing is to setup our own RedBubble account and allow artists to donate designs to be sold through us… with 100% of profits going straight to the fund :) Want more info or want to contribute? CLICK HERE

Feel free to donate best selling designs and/or custom made designs that you want to create that explore the issues at hand and corelate to the Lighthouse Project’s mission in helping abandoned teens for a bigger and brighter future!

Lighthouse Project Lighthouse Pro... 8 posts

P.S. – The “Lighthouse Project” refers the the “Beacon Of Hope” which is literally a planned multi-purpose mega-structure (an actual LIGHTHOUSE type building) built in capital cities of Australia, designed as a one-stop-shop to help abandoned teens… this project will change the cityscapes of our beautiful cities with an added purpose of actually helping those in need, and not just looking uniquely pretty.

P.P.S. – Would LOVE to see some artists impressions of the Beacon Of Hope!

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Fantastic idea! Followed helen’s link. I don’t do tee’s but will spread the word!!! Good luck!! :)

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tweeted and shared on FB Oz cheers!

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Wow thanks for the support ladies!! Do you think we should open it up for artists too? I personally would LOVE to see some artists impressions of the Lighthouse Project and maybe have them available as greeting cards and what not… would love to hear the opinion and thoughts on this matter :)

Thanks for sharing the links and spreading the word…

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b-mailed u Oz

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Hi RPGesus,

oz is just one of the artists donating his designs… if you have any questions, please forward them to me or simply post them on this forum… more than happy to help :)

-Lady Coco Nimet xoxo