Wanted: Artist's artwork for blog features!

Richard Ray Richard Ray 64 posts

Hi Sentimentum, I’ve just updated my blog with one of your artwork (leftover wine). Check the post out here.

Thanks everyone for registering your interest here….. I’m going to go over and choose another feature over the next day or so. Hopefully, I should get another feature in place for tomorrow.

sentimentum sentimentum 1106 posts

:)) it’s fantastic …

Richard Ray Richard Ray 64 posts

thanks :)

seventh7 seventh7 4 posts

Hello Richard,

feel free to use mine :)

Ersu Yuceturk Ersu Yuceturk 189 posts

your welcome to use any of my stuff, linked or not :)

Jimmy McHugh Jimmy McHugh 3 posts
Your’e welcome to use my photography all you like to promote. Thanks & Peace,Jimmy
silvanamag silvanamag 2 posts

I’d like my work to be promoted in your blog

southmind southmind 8 posts


as the other you can use any of my stuff



tjhiphop tjhiphop 153 posts

I’d welcome use of any of my work from my RedBubble page, I do have some work on Zazzle too but that’s a work in progress.

I do ask that you link back to the original page and/or my profile page/shop/portfolio.