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Trouble with background

Dewheart Dewheart 1 post

I’m trying to make a shirt that I can buy, because there is only one with the character I want and I don’t particularly like the design, but I can’t get the background to blend in with the shirt colors. It just looks like a screenshot on a shirt and it looks pretty crappy. I added a border to the image, which made it better but it still doesn’t blend well. It’s lighter then the black and darker than dark grey.

I’ve seen a few shirts on here that are just pictures of characters with no annoying and ugly background. What I’m wondering is how do I get rid of it so my shirt looks more proffesional and not a crappy homemade one. Any helpful answer will be appreciated because I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m getting very frustrated.

I hate that I’m so illiterate when it comes to technology.

sentimentum sentimentum 1106 posts

Hi Dewheart, I don’t make tees so I am sure you will get better replies than this, but have you thought of making the background you don’t want transparent.. then it will be the colour of the shirt ?

BYRON BYRON 11888 posts

what software are you using?