Yellow image on t-shirt looks greenish

mockingbird23 mockingbird23 4 posts

Can someone help me with this? I can’t get it to look yellow. I even used the color value on the chart someone posted about images being too dark and it didn’t help. It’s not that it’s too dark even, it just looks kind of green. I tried upping th eyellow and taking out the green in PS and even that didn’t help… also I don’t want to change it so much that it looks messed up on the sticker, which I assume cannot be uploaded separately from the t-shirts…? If someone could help me with this I would really appreciate it.

mockingbird23 mockingbird23 4 posts

Has anyone else had this problem? if you have successfully used yellow in a shirt design, what value number did you use, color process, etc.? It looks fine in PS and when I mess around with it in PS I get differences in the color but every time I upload it to RB the yellow is this crappy greenish tinged color. I can’t figure it out! Help!

BYRON BYRON 11265 posts

You can upload different files for a sticker and for a shirt, just change the product options so that one is not available as a sticker & vica versa.

The colour change is because the colour of the t-shirt material changes the printed colour of the design slightly. You need to take this into account when using colours.

mockingbird23 mockingbird23 4 posts

Thanks, I finally got the yellow to look decent and then the image was removed due to a copyright infringement. I’m so glad I put all that effort into it, lol. But I appreciate the tip on the sticker, that will be extremely helpful the next time I do an upload. :)