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upload sizes

didielicious didielicious 6 posts

RB newbie here again, just putting my metaphoric toes into the ether to begin to figure things out.

So there’s all these sizes for different formats to upload to… does that mean that you must load up your image in all those different sizes for each format you hope to sell in – card -poster – tshirt etcetera, or can you just upload one big size to cover the lot (providing your original is big enough to take it)?

Hope that doesn’t sound too dense.


prbimages prbimages 1885 posts

One upload, provided it is big enough, will cover all of the photographic products (cards, prints, posters, etc.).

T-shirts have a specific size which must be used (there’s a template).

iPhone cases have a different, specific size which must be used (there’s a template for them too).

Hope that helps! :-)

MLabuda MLabuda 6986 posts

The parameters for the cards, prints, posters, are here