why can't I insert a photo in the journal ?

skwimages skwimages 1 post

hi Red Bubblers …..
um – dunno if I am just being daft – but can’t seem to get the button to allow me to upload an image into the journal … I see it sitting there – but it doesn’t let me go in and upload a file?
any ideas? thanks !

MLabuda MLabuda 6968 posts

Need to find the url to the image and place between a ! and then another !, with no space

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There is no image uploading to a journal

Peter Hill Peter Hill 595 posts


1. Upload image to RB, as normal. Hide it from public view. Right click on image and save the URL address.
2. Create Journal, paste in URL of image at desired spot in your Edit box.

Easy peasy.

MLabuda MLabuda 6968 posts

If right click is disable by using the clear.gif option, there is no image url to be copied.

We need the image url, which I find, by using the view source option and then copy the url and paste it or the tips in this journal