Draw and scan, or use Photoshop?

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Hey all, I’ve just joined, and I’m not too sure how I’ll be able to go about this… I was thinking I could draw/paint ect. and scan in the work, then plop it into the correst RB template and post it. Can I do this, or do I have to first scan the art into a program like Gimp (can’t afford photoshop) and tweak it to make it saleable. And if I DO have to do something digital to it before I post it, what is it that I need to do? Is it a mere matter of changing contrast, or do I have to get in there and re-colour things or what?

Any advice is very much appreciated!

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A simple change of contrast, brightness and/or overall color should be enough FastSone is a free, easy to use program that should meet your needs

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I know scanners vary by make and model but when I scan works for my daughter I have found that staying away from photo scanning and sticking to the document settings proves the best…I would refer to the user manual and vary the settings of your scanner and scan the same work several times and take notes for each scan…my scanner is very touchy when scanning an ink work versus a penciled work.
1. A work created using a black ink pen… (black ink pens are not a true black but a navy blue)
Scanned as a photo…..showed the paper texture and other unwated marks the background was creme in color….
Scanned as a B&W document missed some details in original
Scanned as a color document perfect needed very minor touches in gimp (also converted to b&w)
2. A work created in pencil….for t-shirt design
scanned as a b&w document to keep hard lines (adjusted contrast in gimp removed a few stray dots)

Another option is to take your creation out on a sunny day ..find a shady flat spot and capture them with a camera.. many artists here use this method when uploading their painted works.

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I scan my work in color at high resolution, even if it’s black and white work. I think it comes out better. I use the color/hue/saturation tool in Photoshop Elements and reduce the saturation and it becomes black and white without losing any detail or nuances. I know what you mean about paper texture. I normally want that when I’m just recording my images for my own use or for prints on RB. But if I"m making a tee shirt, I have used various tools like the magic eraser, etc, in Photoshop, and/or carefully deleted the background with the regular eraser tool, when I want it devoid of paper texture. Iv’e found that the filters in Photoshop are useful for making things like paintings and drawings more ‘graphic’ and suited better to tee shirts, sometimes. You can always upload it on private view, see if you’re happy w/the large view, and if you are, just edit and make it public view.