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Problem with color of the picture.

armandomsj armandomsj 1 post

I have a trouble with one shirt…, "T-Shirt of “Candy Cane Children” by Dylan DeLosAngeles" the size is ok, but the color of the picture is orange but it must be RED, I have attached the photos of the T-shirt received…I need to know, what is the steps to return the T-Shirt? and the main problem is T-Shirt is for a birthday on Tuesday 04/03, I need the T-Shirt ASAP.

My order 627721
the color of the picture that I want in RED color…

Is Anybody of rebubble for helping me?

Thanks in advance….

MLabuda MLabuda 6984 posts

This forum is for users to help users.

We can’t help with exchange or return.

Returns and Exchanges