Designing T-shirts I am stuck

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I have created a t-shirt template using Gimp and it was saved as a .xcf image, but now when I click on the t-shirt / hoodie button all that shows up are my files that were saved as .png images. So how do I upload my t-shirt image that could only be saved as a .xcf image? Has anyone else had this dilemma? Any help would be appreciate.

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Have to save the template you created as .png or .jpg.

.xcf is not supported by RB.

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Hiya Christian.

Easy problem to solve.

XCF is the GIMP proprietary file type, like Photoshop PSD files.

XCF files allow you to save your work with all your layers intact so you can go back later and continue editing the image.

What you n eed to do is

1. open that XCF template file in GIMP
2. Save the file as a TEMPLATE – that is a specific option in GIMP. This will allow you to re-use it easily in the future.
3. when you have completed working on an image, save it as a PNG file type, Compression Setting 1. Yoiu will need to make sure that all your Layers have been aligned, then Merge all visible layers.
4. Upload the finished files to RedBubble.

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Does anyone know what the minimum size the template PNG needs to be..I can’t seem to find any info about it anywhere..

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The Help link, lower right, has How-to make a great t-shirt with the t template info