CR2 files not recognise in windows photo gallery and can't view them???

ingas ingas 3 posts

hen i try to view soem of my images in windows (vista) they dont load. It says windows cannot open this file, and the thumbnail is blank.
I tried exporting them from lightroom 2 and still the same problem. I cant work it out?
My camera is canon 400d and i shoot in RAW.
Very annoying, help would be great!
Thanks, ingas.

Mark  Lucey Mark Lucey 470 posts


Try using the software that came with your camera, Digital Photo Professional (DPP). Also install the Canon Raw Codec file. It is on the disks that came with your camera or you can download it from the Canon website.

I hope this helps.

Steve Crompton Steve Crompton 356 posts

there’s a freeware program called XnView which can read/convert a great number of file formats, you can create slideshows with it also, I find it very useful and use it all the time (it’s open now as it almost always is when I’m working on images).
You can get it here;


EDIT: Note that you can view your .CR2 files with it without converting them first!

D Byrne D Byrne 2112 posts

From Lightroom choose Export, select either Tiff or Jpeg as file type. Vista should see these(I have the same Camera/Lightroom set-up)

D R Moore D R Moore 2784 posts

You can do it the Microsoft way and view the thumbnails when exploring folders just like other formats here is the page where I learned how do get my windows 7 to work but also works for vista

Dana DiPasquale Dana DiPasquale 1661 posts

i downloaded the codec, restarted my computer, and nothing changed. still can’t open files in photoshop. ideas?

D R Moore D R Moore 2784 posts

still can’t open files in photoshop. ideas?

With my photo software (Gimp, I had to put them in a specific folder for it to work….

for Photoshop you need to get the codec from
for Windows see Here
for Mac see Here

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With Photoshop CS2 comes Camera Raw (3.1). For EOS 350D/400D cameras, you’ll have to upgrade to get Camera Raw to recognize the formats. Visit Adobe’s site for information on the upgrade (it’s free). The 400D requires v3.6, the 350D is supported under v3.5.

The update contains only the loading filter; ‘Camera Raw.8bi’. Place this file in your Photoshop installation directory, i.e. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins\File Formats. This will enable Photoshop to load .cr/.cr2/.nef files (NEF files are Nikon RAW files).


This is specific to EOS 350D cameras, which produce .CR2 files. The default Camera Raw 3.1 for Photoshop CS2 must be upgraded to accept CR2 files. However, after upgrading, you might find that Adobe Bridge still only displays icons for CR2 files. Here’s the fix:

  • After having upgraded to Camera Raw v3.7 (or up), quit Photoshop/Camera Raw.
  • Use Explorer to browse to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins\File Formats (the path may vary according depending on your Photoshop installation)
  • Notice the ‘Camera Raw.8bi’ plugin, which deals with CR2 loading. Right-click the file and select ‘Copy’.
  • Browse to ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS2\File Formats’, which is where the Adobe Bridge RAW file format plugin lives. Right-click and select ‘Paste’. Note that this directory seems fixed and cannot be changed during installation.
  • Restart Photoshop and start Bridge. It now has the ability to display thumbnails for the CR2 files. However, you may notice that thumbnails of previously visited directories don’t work yet. For that, use the menu item ‘Tools | Cache | Purge cache for this folder’ to recreate the thumbnails for any missing .cr2 files.
Dana DiPasquale Dana DiPasquale 1661 posts

Thanks, Mike. Got stuck after downloading DR’s links. Will try your steps when I get home from work

ingas ingas 3 posts

Thanks D R moore, works now, cheers.
Thanks everyone for the ideas!

Dana DiPasquale Dana DiPasquale 1661 posts

still not working. can see the the files but not the actual thumbnail image. and cannot open thumnails in PS. says file not the right kind of document

borstal borstal 12 posts

There is an issue with Canon and Windows 7. Canon are not supporting drivers for their products with the new Windows. I have a 400d and use Adobe Bridge to view RAW.

D R Moore D R Moore 2784 posts

There is an issue with Canon and Windows 7

Works on my Windows 7

Dana DiPasquale Dana DiPasquale 1661 posts

i don’t have windows 7 and still have a problem

kernuak kernuak 67 posts

Canon haven’t released a version of the codec for 64 bit Windows, but it should work for 32 bit (including Windows 7 32 bit). The codec is only for making the images visible in the thumbnail though. To open the files in PS/LR, you need a recent enough version of Adobe Camera Raw for your camera. Depending on which camera you have and which version of PS/LR, you may not be able to get a recent enough version of Adobe Camera Raw to edit. You can get updates for Adobe Camera Raw from the Adobe site and each version indicates which version of PS/LR it is compatible with. If you don’t have a new enough version of PS/LR and you have a Canon camera, then you need to use DPP to open Raw files (or upgrade).

MLabuda MLabuda 6986 posts

I use UFRaw, open source tool, the web site is messy but the software works like a charm

frogpoo frogpoo 610 posts

Free Canon Raw Digital Image Viewer

Canon RAW (CR2) Codec

frogpoo frogpoo 610 posts

Eleanor Caputo Eleanor Caputo 1 post

April 2012: I had those exact problems and mike’s fix helped with one and the other two fixes are below. good luck

I am using an old CS2 version of photoshop and I used to be able to preview and open the CR2 thumbs through bridge. I had to put in a new HD and when I reinstalled CS2 my bridge wouldn’t recognize my RAW files. I knew it had in the past so it took a lot of searching but I found out I had to upgrade the DNG converter. sounds weird but it worked. and now I can open my RAW files no problem. Here is a link

I also had the issue of not being able to preview the CR2 files in bridge and Mike’s Camera Raw upgrade helped for me to be able to actually preview them now. no one had ever said where to put the plug in and since it was a plug in I put it in there not in the file formats folder. it wasn’t working and I was frustrated so thanks to Mike I put it in the correct directory.

Also I was not able to preview PSD file in explorer but there is a fix for that too. it is a .dll file. Here is a link to the answer to that issue

Good luck./ These are pretty frustrating issues for a photographer who depends on thumbnails. So I hope it helps others.