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Removal of the Ideas Page

Arletta Cwalina Arletta Cwalina 100 posts

John, for last about two years I was asking to add the IPTC data reading here on RB like we have on other sites… No way they will do the work to help us save the time, it’s not on the “firts to do” list of RB. I started few IDEA threads, but not enough people answered (which is obvious as professionalists avoid places which don’t read IPTC), and so the circle is closed.

RB has lots of work to do, there’s lots of money waiting to be earned, it just need some great work to be done on the site-finally.

Silken Photography Silken Photogr... 46 posts

Oh, IPTC… we can dream, right? Years ago the reason was that they didn’t want to open the floodgates, rather they want everyone to carefully consider each upload.

Arletta Cwalina Arletta Cwalina 100 posts

I’m affraid this is NO explanation to not improve the site ;)

John  De Bord Photography John De Bord ... 131 posts

It seems that those of us who were since basically day 1, photographers and fine artists are mainly ignored these days and RB has become a place to sell tshirts and phone cases. Kind of sad really.

IPTC population is standard affair anywhere else but here. This site as a whole seems to be falling apart for those of us who click the shutter. As I said, at best it’s chaotic and a mess to navigate. It doesn’t flow nicely compared to other sites out there. The artwork looks awful to be honest. Take a cue from 500px already RB and get with it.

reverbdesigns reverbdesigns 5 posts

So disappointed…

reverbdesigns reverbdesigns 5 posts

DID YOU (REDBUBBLE) GENUINELY JUST DELETE A FUNCTIONALITY ISSUE POST I HAD MADE ON THIS FORUM. STOP TREATING YOUR ARTISTS LIKE CR@P PLEASE. THIS HAS BEEN AN ONGOING DILEMMA WITH YOUR CS FOR YEARS. EX- FILING A COUNTER DMCA- Not ONCE has your team reviewed, responded or been decent enough to reply to an inquiry for why you continue to disregard valid claims. I’m speaking on the order of a dozen + counter claims. I have no doubts you will delete this post. But Not Before I Grab a screenshot.

We ~ Ivy We ~ Ivy 99 posts

Hi RB, I can understand how hard to monitor multiple posts from different sources, especially reading back posts, need a lot of time & energy. I remember when I had to do this before, was crazy stressful, but must do it so or so, anyhow….
I’ve got an idea, can you manage to connect specific thread on this forum to RB’s FB, but just the important one like the suggestion & improvement thread, so whoever posted here, also have their post appear on FB, so u r not overwhelmed with too many posts?

reverbdesigns reverbdesigns 5 posts

Great suggestion We~Ivy.

I believe that would be implemented by any agile management team serious about the concept of customer feedback. And not to get too pessimistic for you, but the reality is, this thread was intended as a disclaimer, nothing more. They are not seeking feedback of any kind from this thread.

Just a matter of days ago, I noticed the account navigation font-weight was increased.

I had read just a couple days before this change a well constructed argument for doing so. However, once the change was made, the post was erased.

I don’t know what the logic or end game is with RB…all I know is the pattern of consistent ignore, hide, erase, is pervasive.

EdsMum EdsMum 19648 posts

Like a lot of others,I use Facebook only to play games and for nothing else, they already know too much about everyone…A friend of mine took a picture with her new phone and it went straight to Facebook without her sending it…Fast track everything they do and it is a sad day that R/B got tangled up with them, surely Members are able to add their own work if they want it on Facebook… – Shirley

Maree Clarkson Maree Clarkson 3425 posts

The best thing your friend can do Shirley, is to remove the FB app from her phone, that will stop pics going directly there. It’s better to connect to FB via the url and not to use the app at all. The same goes for Twitter.