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Removal of the Ideas Page

James Minson James Minson 26 posts

Hello there everyone,

Some of you may have noticed recently that the link to the Ideas Page has been missing from the footer of Redbubble.com. We’ve intentionally removed this link and will soon be removing the page from the site completely.

As we continue to grow we’re finding a lot more feedback coming to us via social channels and user testing. Ultimately we’re in much better position to invest in and monitor these kinds of channels, such as our new Redbubble Create Facebook group.

The ideas forum is not really something that many casual users come across organically, additionally we don’t want our artists and buyers that do find it, to be putting time into an area of the site we’re not actively checking for new ideas/thoughts for Redbubble.

There’s a lot of changes happening on the site at the moment and big plans for the future. Please rest assured we value what our users have to say and there are a lot of things are in the pipeline that we think will benefit everyone.

Thanks very much,
Redbubble Artist Experience

Janine Paris Janine Paris 164 posts

Thanks James,

So if we had something logged on the Ideas page, such as this, should we post it to the Redbubble Create Facebook page?


ifourdezign ifourdezign 1250 posts

Once again RB, you have managed to single out a percentage of your users. It may not be a big percentage in your eyes, but I, like no doubt a few others on RB, DON’T use Facebook or CHOOSE to use Facebook.

So, how do you expect to bridge that gap? Are my ideas not valid simply because I’m not on that particular form of social media? Or would you prefer those of use who don’t use it to fill up the forums with pointless requests that won’t get actioned anyway!

James Minson James Minson 26 posts

@Janine Yes that’s the idea. We’ve made sure we’ve had a look at all the trending posts on the Ideas forum before closing anything down so please don’t think we’re dismissing the posts already made there!

@ifourdesign Of course your ideas are valid. We understand that no solution is going to be perfect for all users and that Facebook is not used by everyone. We still need to figure out a way to reach the wider community and get their feedback. Currently the Ideas forum is not the best mechanism to do so. You are always welcome to email us with your suggestions.

ifourdezign ifourdezign 1250 posts

You are always welcome to email us with your suggestions. – I value your reply, BUT on most occasions, RB support have said – oh, you will need to pop it into the Ideas Feedback! Swings and roundabouts guys…

PS: it really is design with a Zee! I’m not a typo

ramiro ramiro 22 posts

I don’t understand how Facebook is a better channel. People could vote and comment on ideas in a single dedicated forum, whereas Facebook is full of distractions and as @ifourdezign rightly pointed out, you exclude part of your community in favour of a system controlled by another company.

Some people put a lot of effort into describing their ideas and these are gone now. You could have given users the possibility to save their ideas instead of making them inaccessible without prior notification via email.

ifourdezign ifourdezign 1250 posts

Facebook is full of distractions / you exclude part of your community in favour of a system controlled by another company.

@ramiro – I couldn’t have said it better myself!

We have a perfectly fine forum here (apart from the endless pain in the bum spam) It’s a friendly, helpful community of great people and some great artists that have many useful, helpful and valid things to offer every day.

Yet, it confuses me they still feel the need to seek out a ‘third party’ source that myself and others won’t be able to view, appreciate and participate in on a daily basis.

I feel we are being alienated for not following the sheep! And I never follow sheep… bahhhhhhh

mind you, I did get chased by one once…

ramiro ramiro 22 posts

@ifourdezign “mind you, I did get chased by one once…” sheep can be pretty intimidating ;)

But seriously, I think it is perfectly fine that Redbubble wants to take advantage of FB as an additional communication and marketing channel, even if it excludes people. Scrapping a system you control yourself in favour of FB is foolish imho.

What bothers me more about removing the ideas page, is that the people who spent time with the intention to make Redbubble better by posting ideas and commenting on them have no way to access those ideas any more. It’s basically throwing away the work of people in the RB community. There was no notification via email, only this forum topic, which most users probably won’t see or only now that it is too late, like me.

v--r v--r 1 post

This is terrible. The ideas forum was amazing and made me feel like RedBubble actually cared about the many ideas and requests that the users had. It was nicely focused and I loved the idea of being able to like our favorite ideas so it could go higher and higher so that RB could see what features we all wanted the most as opposed to the disorganized and non direct method of social media. What are you expecting for us to randomly say an idea on Facebook and hope by some miracle that they get to the people in charge?

TC-TWS TC-TWS 1 post

Why would anyone want anything to do with FB? They claim ownership of anything you post.

SusanSanford SusanSanford 290 posts

One possible explanation is that management felt that Facebook would reach more people than the ideas section, which may not have had a huge proportion of the community over the years. That is, the intent may be to be more inclusive rather than less.

John Douglas John Douglas 32 posts

Sucks. Moving ideas/discussion to Fakebook? I am not joining facebook to try and find updates on this actual site I am typing in now. Awful idea, as is the current featured artist/products blocks of ads you have to wade past to get to actual activity on page. Downhill slope fellas….