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redbubble lookalikes (locked)

Lee Wilde Lee Wilde 1361 posts

It just occurred to me that Dee Boylan and I have a lot of facial similarities.

  1. Have you spotted any other lookalikes in the bubble?
  2. Are there any celebrity lookalikes amongst us?
Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

Oooh Stuart Chapman did a huge journal a few months ago comparing a lot of members to celebrities hehe… he no longer has that account so no idea where the journal went. :-P

Lee Wilde Lee Wilde 1361 posts

Moderators, please lock this thread. Dee has started one in the General Discussion forum: who do you look like??

Dee Boylan Dee Boylan 2656 posts

hahaha Lee….o.k now i’m scared….this is single white female stuff…hehe

AmandaWitt AmandaWitt 43468 posts

Your first names are only a letter apart!

Dee Boylan Dee Boylan 2656 posts

to true amanda….didn’t notice that before!