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attention all members

kathy s gillentine kathy s gillen... 326 posts

Hello everyone, it appears we need to go over the guides again, it clearly states that One Image per 24 hrs, and the canon info must be listed, not just a canon dslr. We are rejecting alot images because of these 2 reasons, we as hosts must watch for this and you as members need to do your part. I can only hope the people that break one or the other rules will read this. To the rest of you that do follow the rules, thank you for your support !!!!

mojo1160 mojo1160 95 posts

I confess I don’t monitor the clock to see if 24 hours has elapsed since my last confession, but at a minimum I have the location, camera model and lens on all my work (my old film stock doesn’t have exposure data on it ‘cause my memory’s just not that good). And I don’t intentionally submit more than one a day.

Honestly, compared to some of the groups I’m in, the rules for this one are easy. There’s one I could name but won’t (because that would be tacky) who says on their front page that if it’s a photograph they want it. They don’t bother to mention the Litany of Exceptions to that statement until you get to the rules page. So by comparison, I don’t find anything unreasonable in the rules here.

And believe me, I appreciate that. Truly.

ashara ashara 32 posts

if it won’t cause much of your time, i suggest that when rejecting images be specific on which one of the 2 rules they have not followed. just a mere suggestion.

kathy s gillentine kathy s gillen... 326 posts

@ mojo, this message is more geared to the folks who add back to back images, we are not watching the clock either :), so if you do add another images 12 hours later 99 % of the time it will be added to the group. there has been some folks that have tried to add 4 images at one time. As far as tech stuff, that is up to you if you want to add it, we just ask for the model of the camera. Like you, we want to keep the rules easy for all the members and for us hosts :)

@ ashara, I wished it was that easy, when we reject images we have to choose from a list that Rb provides us. There is no rejection for you added more than one image, or that you didn’t add the canon model. We have to go with they supply us with :)

mojo1160 mojo1160 95 posts

RB doesn’t make it easy for folks on either side of the conversation actually. Ashara’s hit a topic I posted a rather lengthy rant about a little while back – rejections with no reason given aren’t reported to the submitter and there’s no conclusive way of knowing – especially later on – why or even if the work was rejected. The “doesn’t fit our group guidelines” is a better-than-nothing default, but that presupposes that the offender is actually familiar with the guidelines. In this group it would be hard not to be, but obviously it happens (or we wouldn’t be having this conversation).

And I didn’t figure you were watching the clock. I can’t remember the last time (or even if there ever was a time) I had anything rejected here. In fact, I’m always amazed at how quickly my submissions get through moderation. A lot of the time, I’m not done making submissions and you’ve already finished with what I sent you. It’s impressive (especially considering I have groups that can take days or weeks – no I’m not kidding – to rule on something).

Anyway, unless and until the developers at RB decide that having a method for tracking submissions makes sense we’re all pretty well stuck. So thanks for keeping it simple!

kathy s gillentine kathy s gillen... 326 posts

Yes I agree with you and what Ashara said, “rejections with no reason given aren’t reported to the submitter and there’s no conclusive way of knowing” there should be a better way, or maybe let each group be able to write their own rejections. Like canon would be simple, rejected for more than one image, sorry you have added your 1 image for today please add it tomorrow. no canon model, rejection because you didn’t add the model of the canon, please add that little info and submit back to the group and it will be accepted. that is all we need. that way anyone who gets rejected really knows why they were. Keeping it simple is all we want for all of us.

Huajun Daniel Sun Huajun Daniel Sun 1 post

A quick question here: When I try to add my photo, there is only an Art & Photography option for me. However, I can’t add my work to this group, it appears “not accepting art works”… I have included a Canon dslr name in the description of the photo. Help?

kathy s gillentine kathy s gillen... 326 posts

Hi, yes we were closed for about 4 and half days. You may add your work now,as were are open again

Ian Alex Blease Ian Alex Blease 65 posts

Whoops, apologies for forgetting the one a day rule !



kathy s gillentine kathy s gillen... 326 posts

@ Alex, no worries :)

Rebecca Reist Rebecca Reist 71 posts

As a moderator for a website for a Hollywood actor I know all too well how time consuming it can be to look after a web group. Hats off to the hosts here for all the time they put in so that we can share our photography. I’m sure that I have slipped once or twice and submitted more than one image per day and for that I do apologize. It can be very easy to slip when you’re a member of over 100 groups. Sometimes the error can simply be that I meant to check a box for a different group listed right above this one and hit the wrong group by mistake. blush I have to agree with Mojo that the rules of this group are so SIMPLE compare to others. One in particular I left due to the hosts being overly controlling and nit picking over the smallest things. Guidelines and members here at Canon DSLR are absolutely fabulous!! Keep up all the great work!

elisab elisab 129 posts

Thank you Bekah!! What a nice thing to say. We do try to do the best for our members.

Maree Cardinale Maree Cardinale 1798 posts

Hello, can I make a suggestion please. How about making it acceptable to put the camera in the description OR the tags… which are plainly visible and just as easy for you to see?

kathy s gillentine kathy s gillen... 326 posts

Hi Maree, putting it in the description is good, at the very start of it or at the very end of it… however tags are not good, I know I do not look for a tag, I am busy with my own work then to look for a tag. :)