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Canon DSLR (One Image per 24 hrs.) & A Canon Camera Must Be In The Description Before It's Accepted)

Canon DSLR Owners

Images That Speak Without Words

This challenge closed almost 8 years ago.

The Challenge

Steve Chapple, the winner of our Featured Member challenge, was given the honor of choosing our next challenge. Steve said that he really loves images that speak without words. Images that tell their own story. He asked that the next challenge be along that line, that people submit their images that take the viewer to another place, give a sense of the moment, are emotive or as he said, “tell a story, simply due to the image, not the attached written outlines.”

It is very important for this challenge that you do not read any written commentary that may be part of the submitted work. In all challenges what you see is just the image unless you go through the steps to access the commentary of the work. If you know how to do this we ask that you do not. This is a matter of integrity, so please only look at the photo and base your decision solely on what you see, and do not venture off and access anything that the person who submitted the work may have written in the comments area. We had previously asked that people not have anything in the comments section of their submitted work other than their Canon camera reference, but people have written dedications and other things in the comments of the photos they wish to submit to this challenge, and we feel it is not necessary for them to remove what they have written as long as it is clearly understood by all who participate in this challenge that they are to judge the work solely on the image itself and NOT access the comments of the photo and read what the artist has written.

All photographs submitted to this challenge must also be in the Canon DSLR group.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Only vote for one photo, the photo that is in your opinion the best.

Rewards & Prizes

Featured member and Avatar of the Canon DSLR group.

Additional Information

This information is not available yet.

Cover Image: The Mechanic by Cathie Tranent


The Top Ten

"That's Gonna Leave A Mark" by David Orias

"That's Gonna Leave A Mark" by David Orias was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 9 votes.

  • Last Goodbye... by Anibal
  • Firefighters  by Lynn Stratton
  • Sustenance by DaveBassett
  • Morning mist in the woods.   by Irene  Burdell
  • Lovers of the park by David Petranker
  • Murray River   Sth Australia by Sue Nueckel
  • Cilmb every mountain by roryisserow
  • GORILLA by mlynnd
  • Mommy Loves Me by cdudak

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