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Realist Traditional Art Temporarly Closed..New Host Needed

2 per day only, No digital images Please!

Realist Traditional Art Outstanding Artworks April 29/2013

debarlene debarlene 292 posts

Realist Traditional Art Outstanding Artworks April 29/2013

Cheers to all,
deborah zaragoza

Shani Sohn Shani Sohn 1051 posts

I’m thrilled to be included in this wonderful collection! Congratulations to my fellow artists!

ArtPearl ArtPearl 565 posts

How nice – my rabbits are honored! Thanks Deborah, and congrats to my fellow artists!

Linda Callaghan Linda Callaghan 952 posts

Thank you so muchDeborah for featuring my Blue Mountains Treetops….and Congratulations to all!

bryanhibleart bryanhibleart 28 posts

Well done everyone! Thanks for the feature :)

Hidemi Tada Hidemi Tada 213 posts

congratulations to all,

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7927 posts

Thank you so much and congratulations to all featured artists…

Anna Miarczynska Anna Miarczynska 223 posts

Congratulations to everyone!!!! Wonderful works!!! And thank you very much Deborah for the feature :)