Realist Traditional Art Temporarly Closed..New Host Needed

2 per day only, No digital images Please!


Forum Last Post
Comment RT Chat room
6 topics 19 posts

games, discussions, ideas, etc…

over 4 years ago by hatefueled
Comment The guidlines, suggestions, feedback and questions room
8 topics 35 posts

The group guidlines and a chance to make suggestions or ask questions

about 4 years ago by Elena Kolotusha
Comment RT Workshop
1 topic 3 posts

Share tips and tricks of the trade with fellow members!

almost 6 years ago by hatefueled
Comment RT Show and tell Critique
1 topic 2 posts

BEST spot to be getting feedback on your latest traditional work!

over 4 years ago by hatefueled
Comment Group News
103 topics 539 posts
about 1 year ago by Hidemi Tada
Comment Subjects for Debate
0 topics 0 posts

A place for voicing opinions on subjects relative to the group. please respect eachother’s right to speak here.

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