Real Life Photography - Just PEOPLE

"Real" life photography only, with the focus on PEOPLE in their everyday lives.

Recent Work

  • Little one in costume China by cs-cookie
  • Elderly Beggar In Biblian by Al Bourassa
  • You Don't Know Me... by Chanel70
  • Myanmar. Yangon. Karaweik. Show. by vadim19
  • Supply line by awefaul
  • Stand up and see... by Alberto  DeJesus
  • Thanaka by Marylou Badeaux
  • Festival time 2006 by indiafrank
  • Multi-Talented Artist by Al Bourassa
  • The protector by cs-cookie
  • Chadar Climb by Nishant Kuchekar
  • Three Girls by Marylou Badeaux

About This Group

This group is about “REAL LIFE” with the focus on PEOPLE in their everyday lives. Be it on vacation, travel or whatever life gives you.

The group’s intention is to document life in as many different situations as possible, from the good to the bad side of life, and everything in between. Images of buildings and statues etc will be accepted as long as the emphasis is on people going about their daily business.

(The group will no longer accept animals, insects or flowers, unless the person in the photo is the main subject.)(Acceptance of children under the age of 16 will be at the host’s discretion.)

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