"Real" Life Artwork (No Photography, Digital art and Abstracts)

Real Life Art - Paintings, Sketches, Drawings, etc.


  • Portrait of Julia on Red by Roz McQuillan
  • Border Collie Dooley by Nicole Zeug
  • Relaxing Dog by Nicole Zeug
  • Laughing Dog by Nicole Zeug
  • THE SUN BEHIND A CLOUD by RainbowArt
  • The Girl in the Movies by twopoots
  • Close Encounter by Brian Commerford
  • Soul Call by Brian Commerford
  • Within by Brian Commerford
  • Inner Knowing by Brian Commerford
  • Green Reflection by EvaBridget
  • The Photographer by Paris Lomé
  • Misty Bodega Bay by Randy Sprout
  • Beautiful Basset Hound Looking for a Forever Home by Rebecca Rees
  • Tibetan Noodles by Paris Lomé
  • Sisterhood by Denise Hussey
  • Comfort Even in Harm's Way by David J. Vanderpool
  • Just Down the Road by twopoots