"Real" Life Artwork (No Photography, Digital art and Abstracts)

Real Life Art - Paintings, Sketches, Drawings, etc.


  • Snowman by AnnaShell
  • Rest by Alan Stevens
  • Coroboree by Lyn Green
  • mother and child by Hidemi Tada
  • Unexpected Visiter  by Stephen  J. Vattimo
  • Motherhood by Halina Plewak
  • Harp Player by Halina Plewak
  • Big Horn Sheep by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Tiggy by Carole Russell
  • Elle - Fine Art Drawing by Paul Davenport
  • Philip - Drawing - Compressed Charcoal On Paper by Paul Davenport
  • By the Kitchen Window by ArtPearl
  • Under The Dome: Cradle of Sedum by Alma Lee
  • Violin Player by Halina Plewak
  • Embryonic III - Conté Drawing by Paul Davenport
  • Quiescent II - charcoal and conté drawing by Paul Davenport
  • Resting II - Conté Drawing by Paul Davenport
  • Anger - Conté Drawing (Emotions) by Paul Davenport