Design twists on recognised brands and identities.

Recent Work

  • McCloud Racing (b) by cudatron
  • McCloud Racing (c) by cudatron
  • anonymouse by derP
  • McCloud Racing (d) by cudatron
  • Game of Thrones Bad wolf by Brantoe
  • dark side of the moon fizz by GennFizz
  • Kuma_white by Ryan McElderry
  • Kuma_02 by Ryan McElderry
  • Twitter or Titter? by taiche
  • iCarus by James Lillis
  • 27 Iron Motor by Andrew Gordon
  • 75 Die Nasty by Andrew Gordon

About This Group

This group encompasses clever design twists on recognised brands and identities in a playful and humourous but non-disrespectful way.

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