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Rapt in Tentacles

The home of all things tentacular.


  • Octini 2 by Diane Johnson-Mosley
  • Octopus 2 by Diane Johnson-Mosley
  • The Roaming Oak  by Ethan  Harris
  • Shuddering At The Nameless Things by Zombie Rust
  • Silky Jellyfish by Diego  Re
  • The Brylar by Ethan  Harris
  • you can't take it with you by Dave Charlton
  • octohead by IanByfordArt
  • Rising Evil by Simon Sherry
  • The Octopus Man Rises by Lloyd Harvey
  • Li'l Kraken by NevermoreShirts
  • OctopiceCream by Jess White
  • Cyclopodic by Ethan  Harris
  • Something Touched Me and I Was Only Sleeping by Zombie Rust
  • How I Could Be So Immune by Zombie Rust
  • Someone Sent You Something Satanic by Zombie Rust
  • Under pressure by Matt Mawson
  • Ever Present Perils of Life by GolemAura