!!*Photography* Challenge Group!! Happy Holidays :-)

Group Rules:

Please only upload your BEST WORK, and only submit work that fits one of the current OPEN challenge themes.

The open themes are the (maximum) TWO themes listed in the current TITLE of the group. No clicking to challenge section needed to find out the themes.

Any work that does not fit the current challenges will not be accepted into the group at that time. You can resubmit it whenever it DOES fit the open challenge.

Add your entry for the challenge to the group at the same time as you enter it in the challenge. Works not added to the group cannot be featured, no matter how beautiful or deserving – it’s just not possible, due to the way featuring works (it’s a site function, nothing to do with the hosts).

Please make sure that your work fits the current challenge

Please, strictly no insects (this includes butterflies!) or arachnids of any species, NOR Reptiles: non legged or otherwise – no matter how beautiful – thank you!

Repeat offenders may be removed from the group without notice.

Hosts can enter challenges.

By joining this group you give the hosts full rights to use your images as challenge avatars. You will be notified as a comment on your work when this happens.