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!!*Photography* Challenge Group!! Happy Holidays :-)

This group is all about Themed Photography Challenges

UNPLANNED reflections (main focus MUST be something else)

This challenge closed over 3 years ago.

The Challenge

So I was looking at my signs and saw the example image, abandoned cinema.. then saw the 2 well detailed reflections. I don’t ever recall seeing them before I uploaded the image and they were certainly not part of the plan.

So lets see your “oops!!” reflections. Keep them clean and fully clothed, people!!

This is what we want

  1. work must show a clear subject that is NOT the reflection.
  2. work must NOT be focused on the reflection itself.
  3. see example image for what I mean. I focused on the now showing and empty signs.


A photo of a sign and what’s that? The building/street? As in example image.
A photo of a car that is clearly focusing on the whole car and you see a reflection in a wheel rim or something.
A photo of… I don’t know… if you have to think too hard, it stops becoming an accident. Go through your photos and see what jumps out at you… this really is an archive hunt, not something you can go out and take. It’s for accidents. Unplanned reflections.

This is what we DO NOT WANT.

  1. water/lake/mountain/tree scenes. No-one focuses on the top of water and accidentally sees the giant tree reflected. No. They do not. Without that reflection you would not have bothered to take out your camera and you are fooling nobody. Now a reflection in a puddle when you are focusing on someone with an umbrella or something like that would be acceptable…. as long as you are indeed NOT focusing on said puddle. Get it? Awesome :-)
  2. A photo of you looking in a mirror. Seriously? You did not expect a reflection? Unless you are part of the Twilight clan or the Lost Boys, that does not wash. Sorry. Nope nope nope. We want UNEXPECTED accidental reflections.
  3. A blur of colour in said “reflection” that just means that whatever you are photographing has a mildly reflective surface. For example sunlight shining on a sports car. No. Catch a building or another car in said sports car’s rims however is a whole different story and YES PLEASE.


As close to straight out of the camera as possible please. No composites at all. No superimposed images. This is the photography challenge group NOT the photoshop challenge group. Thanks!

WORK THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A PHOTOGRAPH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, even if it originally started as a photograph!!


  1. nothing that requires a safe filter, nothing that you wouldn’t show to your grandma or to a 5-year-old (I shouldn’t have to say this for this subject, but we had some surprises…)
  2. no writing on the images, this is still a photography challenge group, keep images with writing on them out of this, thank you (unless, of course, the writing is part of the subject)

Note: Please don’t be disheartened if your image is removed from the challenge, you can always ask us why that happened, but the usual answer starts with the challenge description – please read it :-)

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for your favourite(s) that fit the theme, as many as they are. Every vote counts!!

Rewards & Prizes

  1. Bragging rights
  2. Banners for top ten ten photos
  3. Features for the Top 10 and 2 host choices (or as many from the top 10 that are in the group, plus the remaining places as ‘hosts’ choices’).
  4. Top ten (that submitted their work to the group!) will be invited to participate in next month’s Avatar challenge

Additional Information

  1. Please remember this is the photography challenge group :-)
  1. Works not added to the group cannot be featured when they end in the top 10 (‘computer says NO’). Adding to the group once the challenge is over will be too late. Please add your work to the group as you add it to the challenge! :-)

Tuesday Challenge

Cover Image: Now Showing! Cosham - the motion picture by ellismorleyphto


The Top Ten

The man in the mirror (ever felt like you're being watched ?) by iamelmana

The man in the mirror (ever felt like you're being watched ?) by iamelmana was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 16 votes.

  • The whole band reflected in the tuba by bubblehex08
  • There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. by Alex Preiss
  • m's Reflection by Pascale Baud
  • Gardener's Outhouse Calke Abbey Derbyshire UK by John Evans
  • High Rise Reflections by Judith Hayes
  • G Luck by Cecily  Graham
  • (Car in a car).....Constant change is here to stay...Digital man by jammingene
  • BANANA REPUBLIC  ^ by ctheworld
  • Window of Time by ElsT

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